Poor Migrants Are Begging for Food and Clothes in Brooklyn, NY


Sanctuary City Brooklyn, New York, is becoming the third world. Migrants from Floyd Bennett Field are going door to door, begging for food and money. What’s next? Stealing and violence? We are not helping these people.

Some migrants were lied to by their own government to get them to come.

The homeowner in Brooklyn in the clip below doesn’t “feel safe” and wants “Democrats and Republicans to work together” on this. If he thinks that is possible, he’s unaware that this invasion is planned and it will lead to all Americans losing their freedoms.

“I am all for charity, 100%. I’ll give you the shirt off my back and the money in my pocket, but not this way. It has got to stop,” said one resident who has lived in his home for 30 years. “They asked for clothes. I said I didn’t have, and that was the truth,” said another local.

What did they think would happen? Many blamed Gov. Abbott when Democrats and Joe Biden caused the problem. Most of these people are transported, and the administration flies some into NY airports.

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