Joke of a Conservative Joe Walsh Runs on the Bash Trump Ticket


Once upon a time, stupid Joe Walsh was a tea party favorite but he became a one-time representative when people realized what a fraud he is. Joe Walsh is a vicious Trump basher who has pretty much nothing else to say.

How does a person pretend to be a conservative and run to keep Trump out of the presidency and help Socialists win? This will end up being a permanent win by Socialists. They almost have Texas, and with it, the nation.

The hard left is thrilled.

He’s brave??? Does he even know the meaning of the word? He also says President Trump is unfit, but, truth be told, Walsh is fully unfit. The only reason he is running is to get a Socialist Democrat elected. That makes him the biggest joke of the century. He isn’t brave, he is brainless but he does have balls.

Trump is not Christ but he is trying to save us. We are on the verge of losing our country you stupid fool Joe. There are two other ‘Republican’ nutjobs running — the far-left libertarian Weld and the guy who ran off with his tootsie and pretended he was on a camping trip or something are running.

Soros babe, Neera Tandem is excited about it.

Scarborough is into it.

Of course, Kellyanne’s crazy, obese husband is happy, happy, happy.

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