Jon Ossoff’s Back & He’s Coming for Georgia’s Senate Seat


Democrat Jon Ossoff announced Monday that he is mounting a 2020 Senate campaign, seeking to unseat Georgia Sen. David Perdue (R-Ga.).

The former congressional candidate told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that he would formally launch his Senate bid on Tuesday.

The wimpy Ossoff promises to “mount a ruthless assault on corruption in our political system” that has stopped Congress from addressing major issues. Meanwhile, it’s Democrats who won’t do anything but launch fraudulent fishing expeditions.

“We have squandered trillions on endless war. We have squandered trillions on bailouts for failed banks. We have squandered trillions on tax cuts for wealthy donors. Then we’re told there’s nothing left over for the people,” he said. “The corruption must be rooted out. And Sen. David Perdue is a caricature of Washington corruption.”

The tax cuts have helped give us a good economy, something his party didn’t do. His party told us to accept the decline, just manage it.

Ossoff barely lost to Rep. Karen Handel in a runoff in 2017 but she then lost to Democrat Lucy McBath.

The left is coming for Georgia and plans to put them in the solid blue column.

Ossoff told The Journal-Constitution that his campaign would  “raise a grassroots army unlike any this state has ever seen” and that it would build off the foundation he laid in 2017.

Marxist Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.), endorsed Ossoff — again — in tandem with his announcement.

“Like the many thousands Jon has already organized and inspired, I am ready to work tirelessly to elect him,” Lewis said to the Journal Constitution. “Georgia and America need Jon.”

After he lost in his failed bid for a House seat, Ossoff called it a “historic victory.” Pajama boy Ossoff also declared it a “victory for the ages” after failing to win the majority vote in the primary.

During the last race, Progressives (communists/socialists) bussed in agitators from all over the country.


He collected $30 million for this one seat but received 95% of his donations from out of state leftists and actors.

It’s Newt Gingrich’s old seat but the district is changing thanks to the leftists.

The leading source of donations for the past two months came from Socialist California with the second highest from Socialist New York. The leftist Republic of Massachusetts was third.

The party that pretends they want big money out of elections spent more on this congressional election than any other in American history and they used dirty money.

As Ossoff raked in the cash to run vile ads, spending $72,000 a day on them, Ossoff says, “there’s too much money in politics”.

Hollywood chipped in big time and they were all leftists: Donors to the Democrat’s campaign include singer-songwriting legend Judy Collins, actor Connie Britton of “Nashville” and “Friday Night Lights,” Oscar-winning writer Paul Haggis, Anthony Gear, who played the iconic character Luke on “General Hospital,” and the prolific actor John Leguizamo.

Other hard-left Hollywood celebrities are doing ads: Samuel L. Jackson, a communist, encouraged voters to vote for Ossoff to halt Trump’s “racial and religious discrimination and sexism” in a radio ad. Far-left Chelsea HandlerGeorge Takei, Christopher Gorham, and Alyssa Milano have tweeted support for Ossoff.

The far-left environmental organization, The Washington-based League of Conservation, gave $40,000.

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