Journalist Emerald Robinson Says Mike Pence Betrayed DJT & Voters


Emerald Robinson exposes former Vice President Mike Pence on sub stack where she now writes. She claims he was never a Trump supporter and was only there to sabotage him. She makes an interesting case. She begins her piece with Donal Trump’s statement on changes to The Electoral Count Act of 1887.

Donald Trump asked a logical question about Vice President Pence not being able to contest the sketchy election of 2020. If that’s true, he wants to know why Democrats and RINOs are working so hard to change the law so the VP can’t contest the results? Democrats and RINOs say it’s to clarify, but in fact, they are changing the electoral college is some horrific ways, using this as an excuse.

The horrific changes recommended so far:
  • Clarify that the vice president has no power to reject a state’s electors.
  • Narrow the grounds for objections to electors or electoral votes.
  • Raise the thresholds for Congress to consider objections and make it harder to sustain objections.
  • Ensure that state legislatures cannot appoint electors after Election Day in an effort to overturn their state’s election results.
  • Provide limited judicial review to ensure that the electors appointed by a state reflect the popular vote results in the state.
  • Give states additional time (until Dec. 20) to complete legitimate recounts and litigation.



Emerald Robinson, an independent journalist, was recently let go by Newsmax for being too hard on Joe Biden. She was the only one challenging the lies. Peter Doocy does to a degree but he’s mostly asking gotcha questions. Robinson asked some real questions and attempted to follow up.

Now she is on sub stack.


She says Pence was never a Trump loyalist but rather, another RINO.

For one thing, she asks why Pence demanded NSA Flynn be fired. “Nobody has bothered to ask Pence exactly how he was informed about Flynn’s private conversations. Think about it: somebody went to Pence with transcripts of Flynn’s calls, and told Pence that Flynn was a national security risk. Who would have access to such phone calls? Who would want to lie about the nature of those phone calls to get Flynn fired?”

She points out why it’s likely Peter Strzok demanded it.

On Ukraine, she said Jennifer Williams, one of main accusers was a national security official on Vice President Mike Pence’s staff. She also reviews the sketchy timing of Williams’ placement on the staff.

Then there was the COVID task force. “The worst mistake that President Trump made during his administration was probably turning over the COVID Task Force to VP Mike Pence — because Pence turned it over to his chief of staff Marc Short and Marc Short turned it over to a little known national security official [Olivia Troye] with no medical expertise,” Robinson writes.

Olivia is also anti-Trump.

About the 2020 election, “Pence’s chief of staff Marc Short was literally the first person to call for Trump to accept the results of the stolen election and concede to Biden.”

Robinson contends that Pence disappeared after the election and after hobbling the Trump administration for four years. She says the big donors want a Pence/Haley ticket in 2024. That would be a RINO’s dream ticket.

“Pence is a creature of the GOP donors, not an America First patriot. That much is obvious now,” she writes.

She makes an interesting case. Read it on substack.

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1 year ago

He’s lying through his teeth. Trump never said he wanted the election overturned. What Trump wanted was certain states legislators to “confirm” their electors. It would have taken less than a week.

Is Pence really that stupid, or is he just dense. Maybe being SO dense is why he is incapable of answering a reporter’s questions.

1 year ago

That’s correct about Doocy. He’s turning into a Jim Acosta on the right. None of his “questions” are of any substance and seem to have the only purpose of getting attention. It was only entertaining for a very short time.

1 year ago

There’s one characteristic with speeches by Pence that I became really irritated with. It’s not unusual for politicians, and other speakers for that matter, to use speech inflections that bring a rise from the audience. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but Pence would seem to do it with every damn sentence. So I found it impossible to even listen to him as time went on.

Shun Them For They Are Evil
Shun Them For They Are Evil
1 year ago

Deep Staters gonna serve the Schwab-SPECTRE by any means necessary.
They hate middle class Americans to the point of intoxication and view your tax dollars as belonging to them for redistribution to the replacements.
The bestest government that money can buy has been in the business of redistribution for 40+ years now and it shows.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

She’s smart and direct, so many of the best reporters now are women.

According to Trump, Pence agreed to challenge the election, If so, Pence strung Trump along to the end in order to fool Trump.

Something about Pence always bothered me.

After he became VP, I noticed his style is incredibly artificial. That includes his mannerisms, expressions and enunciations. It is parody.

Notice that shortly after the election Pence started visiting NH and Iowa.

As governor of Indiana, he flip flopped on the bathroom bill, first for it then against it at the end, shocking people.

Newsmax goes after Biden a lot, OAN does so more.