Psaki: Sen Hawley’s a Putin Parrot for Disagreeing With Befuddled Joe


Russian Paranoia Is Back!

Is Senator Josh Hawley a Russian operative? We don’t know but Jen Psaki seemed to suggest it in a presser because she’s a nut.

Bizarrely, even by Jen Psaki standards, she accused a very serious senator, Josh Hawley, of “parroting Russian talking points”. He’s an all-American, America First senator, and she’s bonkers.

Democrats see Russians everywhere. They see them in their cereal when they get up in the morning.

In a letter he recently wrote to Secretary of State Blinken, he said:

The world of 2008 is gone. Today, an increasingly powerful China seeks hegemony in the Indo-Pacific. If China succeeds, it could harness that region’s resources to further propel its rise, while restricting U.S. access to many of the world’s most important markets. Americans’ security and prosperity rest upon our ability to keep that from happening, and so the United States must shift resources to the Indo-Pacific to deny China’s bid for regional domination. This means the United States can no longer carry the heavy burden it once did in other regions of the world – including Europe. To the contrary, we must do less in those secondary theaters in order to prioritize denying China’s hegemonic ambitions in the Indo-Pacific.

Draw the line:

This Administration’s support for Ukraine’s membership in NATO defies these realities. The United States has an interest in maintaining Ukraine’s independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity. And we should urgently deliver to Ukraine assistance it needs to defend itself against Russia’s military buildup and other threats. Our interest is not so strong, however, as to justify committing the United States to go to war with Russia over Ukraine’s fate. Rather, we must aid Ukraine in a manner that aligns with the American interests at stake and preserves our ability to deny Chinese hegemony in the Indo-Pacific.

Hawley Letter by MaurA D on Scribd

That sounds logical to me. One of the reasons Russia is acting up is they don’t want NATO on their border. Ukraine means border.

Senator Hawley wants us to refocus on the most serious threat and believes Ukraine in NATO is not in our interests. We need to concentrate on our best interests.

When asked about it at a presser, Psaki said: Well, if you are just digesting Russian misinformation and parroting Russian talking points, you are not aligned with longstanding, bipartisan American values, which is to stand up for the sovereignty of countries — like Ukraine, but others: their right to choose their own alliances and, also, to stand against, very clearly, the efforts or attempts or potential attempts by any country to invade and take territory of another country.

She is expressing the viewpoint of always wrong Biden and his unaccountable and unelected advisers. They care deeply about Ukraine’s borders and sovereignty — not the US’s borders and sovereignty — but definitely theirs.


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2 years ago

Little Red lying Hood must have gone to the China Joe school of prevarication.

Snicklefritz the Overstayer
Snicklefritz the Overstayer
2 years ago

The 1980’s foreign policy called with the reset button and the best…Putin is behind the Convoy!
The forces of good grow stronger while the evil grows weak due to the foundation of lies built in sand.
Paging Hillary, come save the world with your Staples reset button.