Journalists on Hot Mic Joke About Killing Donald Trump – Like JFK


A hot mic caught journalists joking about assassinating President Trump as they awaited his arrival at the D.C. federal courthouse where his criminal immunity appeal was to be heard.

The normalization of violence against Trump and his supporters is real.

Here’s the full transcript

JOURNO 1: You know what the worst part is? Even if he has his window open and he’s hanging out of it, he will be on the other side of the street.

JOURNO 2: I mean, if he’s driving, we’ve got a good shot!

JOURNO 1: Yeah, if he’s driving with the front window open?

JOURNO 2: Yeah, or if it’s a convertible?

JOURNO 1: Yeah. I wasn’t thinking about that.

JOURNO 2: Yeah. Like if he just pulls up–


JOURNO 2: (laughs)

JOURNO 1: Maybe someone, just like they told JFK. You know what you should do? You should take a convertible! It’s so nice out!

They sound nice.

What Do You Think of These Journalists?

I guess we can rely on their unbiased reporting.

This reminds me of Central Park’s Caesar assassination play, which portrays Donald Trump as Caesar. The only one criticized was Laura Loomer for running up on the stage to stop the fake assassination.

Rapper Snoop Dog also fake assassinated the former president in a rap video.

Imagine if we did that to Trump.

According to the New York Post, the “unidentified male journalists had their news cameras stationed outside the E. Barrett Prettyman US Courthouse when they started to grouse about the difficulties of getting a view of the 77-year-old 2024 Republican front-runner.”

They were unidentified, but the feed came from the AP. It’s supposed to be an honest news service.

Trump was in the D.C. court to appeal the J6 conviction based on presidential immunity.

Go to 46:08 and listen to the dopey reporters:

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John Acord
John Acord
1 month ago

The MSM is replete with threats to kill Trump. It’s become a joke to them. They better pray it doesn’t occur. The assassination of Trump is likely to have unforeseen consequences that might well lead to the annihilation of the woke, communist, Left.  The problem is that the MSM is being flooded with dog whistles calling for Trump to be eliminated “ by one way or another,” as recently expressed by Biden’s Campaign Manager, Sen. Coons. There can be no doubt this is a call for violence and assassination, and it is being echoed constantly by others throughout the organized crime family masquerading  as the Democrat Party. The CCP, the WEF are among those desperately opposing  Trump. Tucker Carlson has warned that assassination may be the Left’s next move. Trump is in mortal danger.