Joy Reid & Guest: Rittenhouse Is “White Privilege on Steroids”


Joy Reid is memorializing a child rapist who was shot while chasing a minor.

~ Jack Posobiec

The hate-filled racist Joy Reid said on her show yesterday that Kyle Rittenhouse is why critical race theory exists and is needed in America. She also insisted that Rittenhouse was mimicking George Zimmerman “using…cop speak” and currying favor with a nearly all-white jury by crying.

Racist MSNBC legal analyst Paul Butler complained that he gave “the greatest performance of [his] life” together with a biased judge to create a trial that’s “white privilege on steroids.”

Reid did her usual race hustling:

If you want to know why critical race theory exists — the actual law school theory that emphasizes that supposedly colorblind laws in America often still have racially discriminatory outcomes, then look no further than the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse. Earlier today, the teenager accused of murdering two men and wounding a third in Kenosha, Wisconsin last year, took to the stand in his own defense and the circumstances are almost built for an actual CRT course. The white, now 18-year-old faces an almost entirely white jury of his peers with the exception of one black man.

And then there is judge Bruce Schroeder, who has barred the prosecution from calling the people Rittenhouse killed victims. He’s barred the prosecution from introducing evidence of Rittenhouse posing with the Proud Boys while flashing white supremacists signs and denying the prosecution’s request to increase Rittenhouse’s bail after he failed to notify the court of his changed address, which he was required to do. In fact, the prosecution has been repeatedly hamstrung, but the judge at almost every turn. Into all that stepped Rittenhouse himself today, giving the jury his best sweet, innocent teen while describing the moment before he shot and killed Joseph Rosenbaum with a semi-automatic rifle.

She called Rittenhouse “a trigger happy vigilante who went on a shooting spree.”

Reid also impugned the jury because too many are white.

Watch or read the full story at Newsbusters.

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7 months ago

“White privilege” you say? Based on the video evidence, the 17yr old kid didn’t didn’t instigate or provoke anyone on the night Kenosha burned. However that same 17 yr old kid, was chased and attacked by grown assed “men” that should have known better than to be out rioting and burning a city to the ground. Maybe if those grown assed “men” actually had jobs they wouldn’t have been out there and paid a price for making 1 stupid decision too many.

Race hustler Reid ought to check some of her “privilege” and realize that she has gotten by in life via affirmative action programs, and wouldn’t have otherwise ever been able to show her leftist drones how utterly ignorant and stupid she is. Keep up the good work Joyless…without you and others like you, the sheep that still tune to listen to your propaganda can continue to be blinded by lies and innuendo put out by the progressive liberal agenda.

7 months ago

If Kyle Rittenhouse and the trial is “white privilege on steroids.” Then you two are “black un American on hate for America.”

ya best protect ya neck
ya best protect ya neck
7 months ago

Performance? Maybe it was scary to be followed by people reaching into pockets and behind their backs for weapons.
It could cause PTSD.
Imagine if the gang stalkers were some persons of color (racist!) how hysterical the coverage would be.
The CPUSA/BLM/Antifa comrades were carrying loaded arms so they were obviously ok with some gunplay on for that night.
Out on the streets you protect your neck or you are no longer here and no mommgov, apparatchik or poleeces will be there for you when nanoseconds count.