Report Gavin Newsom Disappeared Over Flu shot & COV Booster


According to Daily Mail sources, Gavin Newsom’s double jab of COVID booster and flu shot made him sick enough to cancel the COP26 Scotland trip he was looking forward to attending. He disappeared from public view for nearly two weeks until he popped up at Ivy Getty’s wedding on Saturday.

He said he wanted to go trick or treating with his children after they begged him and his wife to not go to Scotland.

He was missing for 12 days and trick or treating takes a few hours of one day.

The sources, friends of Newsom’s, told the UK tabloid that he was left with muscle weakness and fatigue after receiving two jabs within days of each other.

Newsom abruptly pulled out of the climate summit in Scotland last week and his office cited ‘family obligations’ as the reason.

He was last seen in public on October 27, after receiving a COVID-19 booster shot in Oakland, five days after his flu shot.

He is seen in a photo attending oil heiress Ivy Getty’s wedding in San Francisco on Saturday

Newsom wore a sharp tuxedo with a black mask and is seen looking on while Gordon Getty gives his granddaughter Ivy a kiss at the end of the aisle

Prior to that, there was a photo of him dressed as a pirate with his wife and children on Halloween.

“The flu shot and booster shot were administered separately and the Governor did not have an adverse reaction to either shot,” Newson’s press secretary insists.

She said that he received the flu shot on October 22nd and the booster on October 27th and did not have an adverse reaction.

On Monday Newsom’s wife took to social media to defend her husband and call out “haters without a life” who criticized his 12-day disappearance.

How is it hateful to think the governor, who disappeared immediately after the shot, had a reaction to the booster?

Currently, he is giving pre-recorded messages.

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flippant jaunty air
flippant jaunty air
6 months ago

Webbernet tubes says he has adverse effects from the experimental gene therapy and stress from the workload of burning it all err I mean governing.
Never laugh at anyone’s misfortune but you must watch what you put into your system and it is not to be considered lightly.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
6 months ago

It’s obvious, this guy cannot stay away from cameras or public events fro 12 days, and that is a long enough interval to lose the muscular problems. Another excuse he gave is stage fright. Going on that global stage was his dream, he did not stay home for fright.

How phony these people are, there he is front and center at a billionaire’s wedding, people he hardly knows, and why would they want him there, other than to spoil Ivy with important figures.