Joy Reid invents a new history: Confederate Race Theory


Joy Reid, who is obsessed with race, took to Twitter to say: “Currently, most k-12 students already learn a kind of Confederate Race Theory, whereby the Daughters of the Confederacy long ago imposed a version of history wherein slavery was not so bad and had nothing to do with the civil war, and lynchings and violence never happened.”

“Is this about continuing to teach Confederate Race Theory? And continuing to omit things like the founders owning slaves, or the facts about the mass extermination of the indigenous? Are you insisting that those things continue to be omitted? If so, why?” she continued. “Or is it about adding more empty praise to the teaching of history and completing the sanitization of history that already is the case? If so, why? How does that make children smarter? And don’t you think kids will eventually find out the facts anyway? Would love a response.”

She was mostly lambasted on Twitter. Her comments are extremely bizarre.

No one is calling for slavery to be ignored in American history, but critical race theory opponents want it buried in leftist propaganda and Marxist influence.

Critical Race Theory and the 1619 Project lie about American history. For one thing, the 1619 Project claims the Founding began with slaves who came in 1619 and the entire system was based on slavery.

The truth is the colonies did not believe in slavery and when a small number of slaves were sent to the colonies in 1619, the colonists made them indentured servants for a few years, and then they were free.

The country was not yet founded.

The truth is slavery was common at the country’s founding but Americans fought a Civil War to end it and were the first to enshrine it in the Constitution.

As for CRT, it is anti-white and anti-American. It devalues the country and teaches students to hate the country. Under the guise of anti-racism, critical race theory seeks to smear all whites as oppressors.

A number of states are now banning CRT and the 1619 Project.

Remarkably, Reid is a Harvard grad.

We can’t answer for the past, but no one is taught that today, and there was never a Confederate Race Theory.


There were very few supportive tweets. Anyone who thinks this is true must have skipped their history classes. It’s not even possible. The entire Civil War and Lincoln would have to be left out. No one could even get away with it if they wanted to.

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