Joy Reid makes a very racist comment on air


MSNBC host Joy Reid made some very racist comments on her show. If a Republican did it, the cancel culture would be out in force.

Calling Justice Thomas, ‘Uncle Clarence,’ and referring to him and Amy Coney Barrett as ‘those guys’ while asking if anyone trusts them, is what she said. It is racist.

This is more of the “high tech lynching,” Justice Thomas noted years ago during his SCOTUS hearing.

It’s not the first time.


Reid has made racist comments before. In September, Reid said in a most derogatory manner, “Trump supporters are acting like “Muslims act.”

In August of last year, she said the following on The View.

“I have this old set of New York Times front covers … to show how benign the coverage was even in the 1930s, as the world was about to burn down in World War Two,” Reid said. “And the just sort of benign things, you know, it’s like a tick of wanting to see world leaders — in that case of Germany — they just want to see them as normal and I don’t know where that comes from, but it is really — and I think it wouldn’t be so if those leaders were not white men, I have to say.”

They’re white, that’s the reason for this [non-existent] “benign” coverage, according to Reid.

White Republican men,” a white panelist interjected.

After bashing white conservative men, she said Elizabeth Warren is a “totally normal politician.”

“White Republican—white conservative [men]. There’s a sense that conservatism is normal, and that white conservative men are the norm, and that anything but that — I mean, you almost have Elizabeth Warren almost being depicted as some sort of crazy communist when she’s a totally normal politician who just wants people to have health care,” Reid said.

There are other examples. It’s long past time for her to be off the air in the view of many.

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