Joy Villa’s Jaw-Dropping Anti-Abortion Dress


Joy Villa is treated as a self-promoting kook by the left and welcomed by the right. She embraces both descriptions unflinchingly. Villa is accused of simply promoting her career, maybe so, and who cares?

She tweeted a clip of herself modeling an anti-abortion dress with this caption, “Women are flawed. Women are vulnerable. Woman are strong because of our femininity & flaws, we are not Barbies! We give birth & raise generations & can heal the world. We are life givers & I’m sending a strong message of opposition to those who seek to destroy unborn women.”

Most responses were positive. With the advent of Democrat policy pushing late-term [brutal partial-birth] abortion and infanticide, this message works.

Our rulers won’t listen and will continue issuing insane abortion laws throughout the country when and where they can get away with it.


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