Judge Blocks Texas Law to Arrest & Deport Illegal Aliens


A federal judge has issued a preliminary injunction that will block #SB4, Texas’ border security bill, from taking effect next week. The law would authorize Texas authorities to arrest and jail illegal immigrants and allow state judges to order deportations. Texas can appeal. The DOJ, ACLU, and other organizations sued Texas. Link to the order here.

Judge David Ezra of Texas has blocked SB4 immigration law which would criminalize migrant crossings. Ezra was the same judge to rule in removing the floating barriers back in 2023.

Governor Abbott responded.

“Judge blocks Texas law allowing us to arrest & deport migrants. Not worried—this was fully expected. The trial judge said from the bench that this case will be decided by SCOTUS. I agree. Texas has solid legal grounds to defend against an invasion,” Abbott wrote on X.

Biden is visiting Brownsville, and Trump is visiting Eagle Pass today.

The Border Patrol union president told Bill Melugin that the White House never reached out or invited them for Biden’s border visit in Brownsville today. They expect Biden to cite the union’s support for the failed Senate border bill. “Keep our name out of your mouth today,” the union says.

Chinese everywhere. Here are some in this group.

We’re flying foreigners into our country.

As tensions grow between the US and China, Chinese nationals are pouring into the country.

We are getting a lot of people from the Congo, but this person explains why they have to rape.

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