Uniparty Icon Mitt Romney Won’t Vote for Trump


Clown World is busy today. Mitt Romney appeared on CNN’s The Source and said he “absolutely” won’t vote for Donald Trump over Joe Biden. His reasons are that he doesn’t agree with Trump’s foreign policy and he has no character.

And Joe Biden does?

Romney is a useless Uniparty troll.

Romney marched with the communist anarchist Soros-funded Black Lives Matter, and he destroyed businesses to make money while pretending he was there to fix them.

Chuck Ross wrote: Romney voted to confirm Mayorkas, even though it was obvious he would support open border policies. There’s also the matter of Mayorkas’s long history of cronyism and ethics scandals, which were all public knowledge when Romney voted for him.

Romney’s more Democrat than Republican. Romney is a man of poor character.

Donald Trump is happy he’s leaving.

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