Judge Cannon Won’t Dismiss Doc Charges Against DJT


This is an Update to the original story: Judge Aileen Cannon declined Donald Trump’s motion to dismiss the classified documents case. The ruling came hours after the hearing. Cannon, who was appointed to her post by Trump, ruled that the question “warrants serious consideration” but should not be decided at this point.

President Trump is looking at 91 charges in Florida, Manhattan, D.C., and Georgia. He faces years in prison even though the charges only apply to him as a Republican, while Democrats skate for doing the same things.

She hasn’t ruled on a trial start date.

Biden is too senile to go to trial, but the good news is that he’s fine to be president of the United States. Democrats will put the GOP candidate in prison.

Original Story

Former President Donald Trump faces 40 charges for mishandling classified documents. He was indicted in June 2023. The defense asked for the charges to be dropped, but Judge Cannon seems to want it to go to the jury.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden skates on far more serious charges.

The defense argues charges should be dismissed as “unconstitutionally vague” based on the Presidential Records Act.

Judge Cannon appears skeptical of Trump’s arguments but delayed the ruling and trial date, potentially pushing the trial into the campaign season.

Special counsel Jack Smith, appointed to lead this case and the election interference case against Trump in Washington, attended the hearing, as did Donald Trump.

The former president faces 40 charges for allegedly mishandling and illegally retaining classified documents. He is also accused of sharing national defense secrets with people not authorized to be privy to that information and directing others to destroy evidence and lie to officials. It’s a charge he denies.

His aide, Walter Nauta, has also been charged.

Before closing the hearing Thursday afternoon, Cannon, a Trump appointee, said it is “difficult to see” how the defense’s arguments would result in the case being dismissed. She added that the arguments are better suited to be heard and weighed by a jury during trial.

Cannon has indicated that the trial’s scheduled start date, May 20, will be pushed back. In a hearing last month, she said that a proposed start date of July 8 is likely too soon, due in part to the hush money case against Trump, which is scheduled to go to trial in Manhattan at the end of April if the delay request is granted.

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