Judge Rules Alex Jones Can Keep Broadcasting


The judge overseeing Alex Jones’ bankruptcy ruled that he could keep broadcasting on Infowars and that only his personal assets must be sold.

His social media accounts won’t be seized.

“There’s been lots of talk about whether Mr. Jones has regained control of the business, but the reality is he never really lost it,” Judge Lopez said.

Sandy Hook’s parents said Jones would appeal all the way to the Supreme Court.

“I just want to move forward to maximize its profits so I can pay the creditors,” Jones said after the ruling. “I don’t care about the money; I care about being on the air.”

The Case Against Free Speech Systems Was Dismissed

Judge Christopher Lopez said his sole focus in determining whether to dismiss Free Speech Systems’ case, Jones’s company name, or order a liquidation was what would be best for the company and its creditors, including the Sandy Hook families. Lopez also said Free Speech Systems’ case appeared to be one of the longest-running of its kind in the country, and it was approaching a deadline to resolve it.

“I was never asked today to make a decision to shut down a show or not. That was never going to happen today one way or another,” Lopez said. “This case is one of the more difficult cases I’ve had. When you look at it, I think creditors are better served in pursuing their state court rights.”

Here is the CIA contractor who explains how they helped take Alex Jones down.


Jones has said, “I didn’t kill those kids,” referring to the mass shooting by shooter Adam Lanza. “I barely ever talked about them. I covered the internet questioning the shooting,“ he said, adding, ”Now they are literally trying to take over my social media.”

“I’m out of bullets,” he said during a live stream; I’m out of money, and my dad’s out of money, and he would help me,” Mr. Jones said. “I’m out of options, and that’s where we are.”

He testified in court in 2022 that his comments about the shooting were “absolutely irresponsible” and said the shooting was real. He also argued that the lawsuit against him was an attempt to silence him and violate his constitutional rights.

Sandy Hook parents have said they won’t stop suing him throughout his life to stop him. They said they were threatened and harassed by Jones’ followers.

According to court filings, the Sandy Hook families’ legal judgments account for nearly all of Jones’ debts. Lopez previously ruled that at least $1.1 billion of their $1.5 billion in legal judgments could not be legally discharged by Jones’ bankruptcy.

Lopez said in an October ruling that bankruptcy can be used to wipe out debts and legal judgments but not if they result from “willful or malicious injury” caused by the debtor.

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