Judge Was “Troubled” But Freed Suspects in Extremist Muslim Compound Case


The 11 starving children discovered at an “extremist Muslim” compound in New Mexico earlier this month were both trained to use firearms and taught multiple tactical techniques in order to kill teachers, law enforcement and other institutions they found corrupt, state prosecutors revealed on Monday.

Prosecutors said in court documents filed last week that Lucas Morton and his wife, Subhannah Wahhaj, along with her brother, Siraj Ibn Wahhaj and his spouse, Jany Leveille, and another sister, Hujrah Wahhaj, were training the children to use firearms “in furtherance of a conspiracy to commit school shootings.”


Judge Sarah Backus said although she was concerned by “troubling facts,” prosecutors failed to articulate any specific threats to the community.

She set a $20,000 bond for each of the five defendants and ordered that they wear ankle monitors and have weekly contact with their attorneys.

Let’s find out where the judge’s family lives and move them in next door to her.

And we wonder why there are school shootings.


The 3-year old handicapped boy, son of Wahhaj, who was found buried in the compound and lost his life during an Islamic ritual “to cast out demonic spirits”.

His family believed he would “return as Jesus” to identify “corrupt” targets for them to attack, prosecutors said on Monday.

The children were found dressed in rags, suffering from malnutrition, living in filth.

FBI Special Agent Travis Taylor said that a 15-year-old related to investigators that one of the suspects told him the dead 3-year-old, identified as Abdul-Ghani Wahhaj, would return and designate institutions, such as the financial system and law enforcement, for an attack.

“They were waiting for Abdul-Ghani to be resurrected to let them know which government institutions to get rid of,” Taos County Prosecutor John Lovelace said in arguing that bail should be denied for all five defendants.


Siraj Ibn Wahhaj, 39, the son a prominent New York-based Muslim cleric, also was charged in the alleged abduction of his son Abdul-Ghani from his mother’s Atlanta home last December.

The grandfather of the little boy is famous.

Siraj Wahhaj is one of the most prominent and respected imams in the United States. His son, Siraj Ibn Wahhaj was training 11 abused children to massacre other children in schools.

Actually, the famed imam shouldn’t be respected. He’s evil.

Two of his quotes: “America is the most wicked government on the face of the planet Earth” and “If only Muslims were clever politically, they could take over the United States and replace its constitutional government with a caliphate.”

He is also listed as “unindicted person who may be alleged as co-conspirators” in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

Leftist pro-sharia agitator Linda Sarsour says the imam is her mentor.


  1. ”If only Muslims were clever politically, they could take over the United States ….” ~ Siraj Wahhaj

    The plants are beginning to root.

  2. “wear ankle monitors and have weekly contact with their attorneys.”…………how about an evaluation from a Psychiatrist!!!!!!!

    • I’m not sure about that. After all she knew there was at least one dead child that the group said was going to be Resurrected 2 direct them to specific targets that they should destroy in the United States. That would be enough to hold them. If we know all this she had to know what to… and no doubt she was presented with even more than that.

  3. Americans are total fools to allow Muslims to live here. They do not accept anything pluralistic, tolerant, or free-thiniing, and are an incalculable menace to freedom.

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