Judicial Watch asks for ethics review of Omar’s brother-marriage


We now have Judicial Watch looking into the credible evidence that Ilhan Omar, if that’s her name, married her brother. It appears to have been in order to scam immigration.

Judicial Watch requested an ethics review. As they said, Omar’s hometown paper confirmed reporting by the Powerline blog and it’s well past time for a serious probe. After Scott Johnson of Powerline uncovered the evidence, an Alpha News reporter and independent investigator David Steinberg probed further, revealing more evidence.

Reporters Preya Samsundar of AlphaNewsMN, Scott Johnson of Powerline, and David Steinberg presented their evidence of her many potential crimes to the Star-Tribune and the legacy media, but there has been scant interest.

In four intense articles, here (August 13, 2018), here (October 23, 2018), here (October 30, 2018), and here (November 5, 2018) and now here, evidence of Ilhan Omar’s marriage to her brother seems complete. There is at least enough evidence for an investigation.

Her name isn’t even Omar it seems, it’s Elmi.

There are also campaign finance violations attributed to Omar.

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