Judicial Watch sues to stop Newsom from giving 75 million tax $$$ to illegals


Conservative watchdog Judicial Watch is asking a California Court to appeals to issue a temporary restraining order to stop Governor Newsom from paying out $75 million tax dollars to people here illegally.

The Lower Court found that JW’s lawsuit is likely to succeed on the merits since Newsom has no right to dole out the money, but illegal aliens need the money and that outweighs everything.

Today’s filing asks the Court of Appeal to command the Superior Court to issue the restraining order against California Governor Gavin Newsom and his Director of the California Department of Social Services Kim Johnson, enjoining them from making what is now an imminent, May 18, 2020, illegal expenditure of $79.8 million of taxpayers’ funds to illegal aliens pending the final determination of the taxpayer action brought by Judicial Watch in the lower court.

This could be an important case.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants to send $1200 checks to people here illegally. She also wants to protect them from deportation during the virus, which means forever. The House voted to give $16 billion in stimulus to illegal aliens.

Democrats now insist on open borders and free healthcare, college, full benefits for any foreigner who wanders into the country. Someone needs to stop the insanity. Americans shouldn’t have to pay for the world.

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Rainbow Stew Bubble Up
Rainbow Stew Bubble Up
2 years ago

Everyone has a right to come to America and enjoy the free milk and honey.
Locally Tyvek and particle board apartments are springing up like mushrooms to house the replacements who will vote democrat for life or lose the cargo cult goodies.
Going to the Sack N’ Save is like going to a bazaar somewhere in Africa now with tribal garb and wild dialects that sound like something out of Alien Nation.
This is in a state that has voted republican since its inception.
Those who pay attention knew sobama would flood this state since it always votes for the republican branch of the Uniparty.
It is fundamentally transformed now and many neighbors are putting up for sale signs and the Karens are into hyper STASI mode looking out for any kulak deplorable untermenschen who don’t drink the rainbow stew diversity is our strength Kool-Aid.
What does the CPUSA expect to rule over besides a steaming pile of Ozymandias.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 years ago

Court rulings, including a recent Supreme Court ruling, make handouts to illegals illegal.

If the USA had an honest AG, someone who actually cared about the law and Constitution, there would be action. But no, we have this TV AG. who goes around contradicting Trump and acting tough.

Wayne Tilly
Wayne Tilly
2 years ago

Everything for nothing and the Aliens are free to wreck havoc in America. land of the free and home of the Alien.

John Vieira
2 years ago
Reply to  Wayne Tilly

The aliens have more rights than you…who, as this panic-demic exercise is revealing, are NOT free…