Judy Woodruff makes Speaker Pelosi actually answer tough questions


Judy Woodruff actually questioned Speaker Pelosi about the relief bill during an interview this week. It was a good interview but you can tell that Nancy isn’t used to anyone questioning her. A little more than midway she gets frustrated that she’s being questioned.

Pelosi is devious and spent the time filibustering and spreading mistruths.  Democrats are out of practice when it comes to answering questions.

Watch and see if you like what you hear from the woman who can’t spend enough. Even when she has money left over, she won’t apply it in any way — she must spend more. Nan is an insufferable Marxist.


“I’ve had it,” the president declared Saturday afternoon from Bedminster, New Jersey about the break down in talks between the two parties.

President Trump signed executive orders today after everyone gave up on trying to reach an agreement. If you watched the interview above, you know that she would only accept the extra $600 a week benefits.

President Donald Trump extended payroll cuts and a moratorium on evictions as well as diverting funds to provide $400 in weekly enhanced unemployment benefits.

That’s still too much and will encourage people to not return to work.

President Trump said “if I get elected in November,” he may extend payroll tax cuts “permanently.” The president’s executive actions also expand military veteran benefits and divert Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and CARES Act money in order to fund federal unemployment insurance (UI) payments to jobless Americans.

Trump accused Democrats of seeking “bailout money for states run by Democrat governors and mayors.” He blasted “Sleepy Joe Biden” and Democrats for trying to insert “radical left” issues into a pandemic relief bill. Trump accused Biden of wanting to “rip the wall down” along the Mexican border and questioned whether Democrats “love our country.”

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