Julian Assange Had a Stroke–300 Doctors Call for His Release


Over 300 doctors from around the world have today written to the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia, Barnaby Joyce, imploring him to seek Julian Assange’s immediate release from prison in the UK on medical grounds. Link to letter

The letter begins by commending Joyce for his recent statements calling for the US extradition request against Julian Assange to be dropped. It continues:

We are concerned that Mr. Assange’s apparent mini-stroke [reported in the Daily Mail on 11 December] may be the tip of a medical iceberg. Indeed his symptoms suggest as much. It is therefore imperative that Mr. Assange be released from prison, where his health will otherwise continue to deteriorate and where his complex medical needs cannot be met.” Continued incarceration, the doctors warn, will place Julian Assange’s life at risk.

In appendices to the letter, the doctors have released all former correspondence with the Australian Government – including previously unpublished material – in which they warned of cardiovascular pathologies, such as that reported in the Daily Mail.

They write, “perhaps our concerns were previously dismissed by your colleagues as hyperbolic. They are not. On the issue of cardiovascular pathology, we have been proven right. We do not wish to be proven right on the issue of Mr. Assange’s survival.”

The authors note that they had previously cautioned the Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs, Marise Payne, “should Mr. Assange die in a British prison, people will want to know what you, Minister, did to prevent his death.”

In their letter, the doctors reject US assurances, accepted by the High Court, that prison conditions in the US would be humane. They note that the US “retains the power to impose Special Administrative Measures on Mr. Assange and to assign him to ADX Florence, two of the harshest, most brutal prison conditions in the US. Both facilities violate the Convention Against Torture, to which Australia is a party.”

They conclude, “We implore you, as Deputy Prime Minister, to intervene with the UK Government to seek Mr. Assange’s immediate release on urgent medical grounds. We reiterate that he is an Australian citizen innocent in the eyes of the law, and guilty of and charged with nothing in the UK.”

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DeHavilland Mosquito vs Junkers Ju-88
DeHavilland Mosquito vs Junkers Ju-88
11 months ago

Now where are the take them all down life insurance goody bags that Epstein (who didn’t kill himself) and Assange should have?

11 months ago

Seemingly the TRUTH, when applied to the “establishment”, WILL NOT set you free !!!

11 months ago

It would be incorrect and spread rumors as it was first reported Julian assange had a stroke in court by writing that he had a stroke in prison. Unless he had a stroke in prison too, not just court. Of course those familiar with the use of assange since 1986 for use in future psychological operations for torture die to his genetic being seems as strong by that year we could assume he also had strokes in prison die to the fact anyone who knows from experience what experiential torture he was out through would in fact give many strokes.not just one. I myself almost had two the month before and of course since Regan it was known I too could survive torture otherwise you would be reading this. It needs to be a national security disaster for the coast guard apparently. The CIA needs more angry people and Homeland security needs to act stupid so the NSA gets paid and we can get more news storoes and protestors to cry over the hurt used kids. Don’t you want to fight for me. Come on gislane coastguard gives twenty eight million for your bail because you got the cheap stuff. Coast guard doesn’t have any witnesses like duh. Isn’t that right Snowden. Hey Snowden his it feel to be used. And deal why you so afraid of El Chapo. Did you like fail gifted class? But hey who has one stroke. You don’t get ised unless the Navy can play nde coma and you live. Isn’t it great to live since age six knowing all about Julian’s torture. Tell the coast guard. They can’t have witnesses. Did you get paid enough NSA. Can’t use me for Intel. I got banned since Regan so guess you aren’t allowed to read this. Or print it. You be using kids all life for psychological national security disaster warfare operations. The kind of ones that get finding or forty years to use kids as adults. We need a cia who can read since kindergarten. Because isn’t that right Google computers work like that. It’s been really nice suffering. If you don’t want a stroke in court let me help you assange. You don’t go to court. Perhaps you forgot to learn that fact in third grade. It’s like basic training. Forty year ops. Shame you all failed forty years of what is for me repeat kindergarten class.