Little Napoleon Says Tell Unvaxxed Relatives to Not Show for Christmas


Dr. Fauci on Tuesday evening told Americans to ask unvaccinated relatives not to show up to Christmas.

“If someone in your family isn’t vaccinated, should you ask them not to show up?” an MSNBC reporter asked Fauci.

Yes, I would do that,” Fauci replied.

The fact is Omicron might be the end of the pandemic, but, in any case, everyone will likely get COV in some form eventually in our global world.

He also told people it’s unacceptable for 50 million people to go unvaxxed. In other words, it’s unacceptable for 50 million people to have their own opinions and not cave to the government’s overreaching mandates.

He is one angry little dictator. I don’t remember voting for this powerful tyrant. He couches everything as advice but then the mandates come down. If people don’t do as he says, he demonizes them.

Watch from 5:32:

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