Julie Kelly: Evidence of WH Collusion with Trump Prosecutors


Julie Kelly

Julie Kelly said there is evidence of collusion between the Biden White House and the prosecutors targeting Donald Trump in the Florida documents case.

After combing through motions in a classified documents case, it appears Jack Smith wants to conceal from the public record the following documents:

What appears to be a draft criminal referral from NARA was sent to a Biden official regarding an alleged violation of the Presidential Records Act MONTHS before Trump turned over 15 boxes to the archives.

The identity of “at least one agent from “FBI Headquarters” involved in a  pre-raid meeting for Mar-a-Lago search in August 2022.

Witness testimony related to “the Secret Service and the White House Communications Agency (“WHCA”) made arrangements at Mar-a-Lago, Bedminster, Trump Tower, and elsewhere for President Trump to review and discuss classified information.”

What appears to be DOJ’s attempts to obtain privileged communications of Stanley Woodward, a J6 defense attorney who has represented Trump associates and now represents Walt Nauta.

Testimony that refutes Jack Smith’s allegation that boxes were moved to conceal classified documents from the FBI/DOJ. Jack Smith wants several documents posted with redactions, including correspondence related to Biden’s DOE efforts to remove Trump’s security clearance after the indictment was filed.

It’s a corrupt way to deny Donald Trump a defense and make certain that Democrats can imprison him.


The reference to attorney Stanley Woodward and his bodyguard, Walt Nauta, is interesting. It involved a case of probable DOJ corruption.

Piercing Attorney-Client Privilege.

Timothy Parlatore, who served as a criminal defense attorney for former President Donald Trump until May 2023, said that he “believes strongly the [Justice Department] team is engaging in misconduct to pursue an investigation of conduct that is not criminal.” He believes it could end the case before trial.

According to the New York Times, unsealing the attorney’s notes gave the prosecution a road map to build a case.

Parlatore harshly criticized the DOJ for charging Trump with criminal counts for simply asking his attorney questions during a privileged conversation. “It should have never been a crime-fraud exception, and once it was, it should never have been the evidence for a charge… It’s insane.”

The former Trump defense attorney went on to say that this was followed by a series of wrongdoings by prosecutors during the grand jury process, during which prosecutors frequently asked about privileged attorney-client communications while telling the jury that for Trump’s team to invoke privilege was a sign of guilt. This alone would mean “that the entire grand jury process was flawed,” Parlatore said.

Prosecutorial Misconduct

There is also “prosecutorial misconduct.” There was “the attempted extortion or witness tampering of one of the attorneys,” One of Trump’s lawyers alleged that Justice Department counterintelligence chief Jay Bratt had attempted to exert inappropriate pressure on Trump co-defendant Walt Nauta and his attorney Stanley Woodward. Bratt threatened to charge Nauta if he didn’t help them. He also told the lawyer that it would help with his judgeship application if he helped.

Parlatore also was the lead author of a 10-page letter sent last month to House Intelligence Committee Chairman Michael R. Turner (R-Ohio). The letter offered the most detailed public defense of Trump’s conduct in the documents case to date, arguing that the former president didn’t know what was in boxes of material shipped to Mar-a-Lago and that the entire controversy would have been avoided if the National Archives and Records Administration had properly assisted him after he left the White House.

In the wake of Peter Navarro’s sentence of four months in prison for not participating in an obviously illegitimate investigative panel, one can safely assume Democrat operatives in the prosecutors’ offices are serious about sending him to prison for the remainder of his life.

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Parker Shannon
Parker Shannon
28 days ago

I like the “new look.”

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
28 days ago

Does she ever regret the way she moderated a debate in 2016?