Julie Kelly on the J6 Tapes and the “Explosive” Bodycam Footage


Julie Kelly, the editor of American Greatness, has carefully followed and supported the J6 defendants. She joined Clay Travis on the Clay and Buck radio show today, expressing her excitement over the release of the 41,000 hours of tape. The tape includes video of the Capitol, House, and Senate.

The video was turned over to Tucker Carlson and his team. She said it’s a “massive project,” and his producers and researchers know what to look for. She doesn’t see how it could just be uploaded to a public platform and recognizes that people are agitated that it’s not. They feel “Kevin McCarthy broke his promise for public release.”

She noted that 30-second and 45-second cherry-picked clips will now have context.

“So there’s a lot at stake. So, I understand people are disgruntled that it should be on some public platform. By the same token, if you don’t know this story inside and out from the beginning, it would be useless to just have it up there and have it just sort of disparate, you know, clips and posts all over the place without this maximum impact that I think will come from. Tucker.”

The story is about the bodycams and police brutality.

Kelly talked about the bodycam footage of the DC police. Kelly said, “And I’ll tell you, those tapes are as explosive as anything that I’ve seen from surveillance video because it shows police misconduct on a broad scale on January 6th, provoking the crowd, attacking innocent Americans, doing nothing more than standing outside public property, exercising their First Amendment rights, and what these D.C. police officers did is really egregious. That demands as much public exposure as the surveillance video from January 6.”

2,000 defendants for misdemeanors

The DoJ is still arresting people and will have about 2,000 total defendants in the end.

“So, we’re closing in on a thousand defendants so far. They’re arresting people every week. Matthew Graves, who is the U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia — Biden campaign adviser and appointee — told the Washington Post a few months ago that he believes that the total caseload would reach 2,000 total defendants. They’re actually starting to worry that the statute of limitations on these low-level misdemeanors will run out before they have a chance to prosecute,” she said.

“I mean, it’s preposterous that this DOJ at the same time is fixating on this four-hour disturbance over two years ago, while other serious crimes, especially related to the 2020 riots, not only are being completely memory holed, but dropped by the same DOJ. So, that’s why public transparency and accountability is so important. That’s why I applaud Kevin McCarthy for giving these tapes over to Tucker’s team. I am confident in what’s coming out.”

Clay asked her what she thinks will happen to Donald Trump.

Kelly never thought he would be charged for classified documents. It was always a sketchy case.  She does think they will prosecute Donald Trump.

“I still believe — and you and I have talked about this for months,” she told Clay. “I believe wholeheartedly that now special counsel Jack Smith will indict him on crimes related to January 6th, and if the Proud Boys — members of the Proud Boys, five of them are now on trial in D.C. for seditious conspiracy; the government is making Donald Trump a central piece of their case. If any of them are convicted of seditious conspiracy, this will build legal momentum to bring the same sort of indictment against Donald Trump for January 6th.”

And the Democrat frauds restart the Russian disinformation tale.

And there’s this

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