O’Keefe’s Full Farewell Speech to Staff! He Was Basically Fired After Pfizer Story Broke


James O’Keefe spoke to sixty people at Project Veritas upon his departure from Project Veritas. He said he saw a lot of evil and saw glimpses of heaven and hell, but he feels grateful for many of the staff.

The story is insane, and the board doesn’t seem to have a plan to deal with Project Veritas without James O’Keefe.

Mr. O’Keefe believes in the work they do, as do most of the staff.

Thirteen years ago, he had no money, even after the ACORN story. Then he was arrested. He couldn’t even afford business cards. Yet, he worked to build the company. It’s all been taken away.

He was fired from Project Veritas.

O’Keefe suffered threats by the FBI and was attacked by the NY Times, was sued several times, charged, deposed, suffered through mediation, raided, had loved ones handcuffed, and a hurricane destroyed his office. He said he wouldn’t be stopped unless stopped internally.

After the Pfizer story broke, Mr. O’Keefe was stripped of his CEO title, was suspended indefinitely without pay, and did not know why it was happening so suddenly.

He stuck to the facts and has documentation to prove what he said during his farewell to the staff. O’Keefe said he’s the same person he’s always been and maybe better. While admitting to faults, he has been doing as much as he humanly can to make the business grow.

The former CEO addressed the burdens of leadership. Until now, nothing about the way he has conducted himself in thirteen years has changed except the Pfizer story.

Immediately after the Pfizer story, O’Keefe was told he had to resign by a man he later fired.

Then he was told by a colleague as he got on a plane that he would be removed by the time the plane landed. He was in shock. Project Veritas also expected him to hide the fact that he was dismissed. O’Keefe convinced the board to push the emergency meeting to discuss his dismissal to Monday instead of Friday.

On Friday, one of the board members reached out to a journalist and said, “You get a raise if there’s a restructure without James O’Keefe at Project Veritas.” The board member deleted the message, but journalists had screenshots.

On Sunday, one of the board members requested his presence at his home and told O’Keefe that he had nothing to do with the Pfizer story. O’Keefe explained that he spent a year working to help the journalist get the story. The board member said he did not know that and was influenced by another board member.

They refused to accept his apology for his abruptness the week before. Then O’Keefe had to listen to six hours of complaints, including grievances of bringing black cars to events and using jets when he had multiple meetings in a day. One of those meetings across the country raised two million dollars.

One grievance was he allegedly stole a pregnant woman’s sandwich.

Donors were told about girls he dated in the past.

The bizarre and outrageous lies

There is a lot more, and it’s bizarre. O’Keefe said it’s all recorded, and the attacks at the board meeting were so severe that they asked if there was anything James O’Keefe is good at. In the end, O’Keefe was given about ten seconds to respond and was then dismissed for two weeks on unpaid leave.

O’Keefe was stripped of all authority for six months; he couldn’t talk to donors or raise money. An executive director was appointed to take his place and would report directly to the board.

Then he went off the grid. The board texted that they were waiting to hear from him. After he was told not to communicate and just to leave, they texted that they wanted to know why he wasn’t communicating and then sent those texts to the staff.

He was stripped of his responsibilities and his salary. Five days later, on February 15th, the executive director stated that he wasn’t removed even though he was removed. On the same day, they tweeted his photo with Robert F. Kennedy and left out that he was suspended.

Then the director released some information suggesting Project Veritas paid for his wedding – $12,600. That money was for a Christmas party in a wedding venue. James O’Keefe has never been married.

They complained about him taking black cars and planes to do his job. They said the IRS preferred zoom calls.

O’Keefe told the board to resign or he would. On President’s Day, he packed up and left. He plans to start a new project and hopes some staff members come with him.

There is so much more in this emotional and dramatic story of a man who stood up courageously only to be struck down.
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