Presidential Peril in Ukraine


Joe Biden took a train into Ukraine today from Poland to meet with Ukraine’s President Zelensky, and give him another $500 million tax dollars. He also discussed sending long-range missiles to Ukraine.

The presidential peril in Ukraine is more like bad staging than Russian bombing. The only thing missing from this seemingly staged event is Hillary dodging sniper fire.

Biden and Zelensky just strolled along as the air raid sirens blared. So courageous. Only it’s not. A CNN reporter said there hadn’t been any sirens for five days.

Nothing for five days. Do you think this might have been staged?

If you think people aren’t falling for this, you only have to look at the media’s and bloggers’ reactions. Brian Kassenstein has more than 48,000 likes on this so far.

Remember the danger Hillary dodged in Bosnia in 2008. Now that was peril. Later, Hillary claimed she “misspoke.”

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