Justin Amash Steps Down from HFC, Now Needs to Leave the GOP


GOP Rep. and so-called libertarian Justin Amash is out as a member of the House Freedom Caucus (HFC) he founded. The vehemently anti-Trump Republican is okay with the spying of President Trump and has consistently sided with John Brennan, the former CIA chief and ex-communist, as well as former DNI James Clapper, and disgraced FBI director Jim Comey. Now he’s on board with Robert Mueller and the impeachment extremist Democrats.

Justin Amash

Jim Jordan, a member of the HFC, has called him out frequently over the last month.

“Justin was viewed as a leader on protecting civil liberties, and now he’s siding with the very people, the FBI, who spied on the Trump campaign at least twice,” Jordan told the Washington Examiner.

Jordan said Amash is “absolutely wrong” to call for impeachment proceedings against the president.

No one in the Freedom Caucus agrees with Amash.

Amash claims to oppose government surveillance operations used to counter terrorism or crime and has been an outspoken advocate of reining in surveillance practices.

He’s not much of a civil libertarian any longer.

Amash was elected in 2015 with the support of the Tea Party and that same year, he established the Freedom Caucus. Now he supports the Democrat Party which is hard-left. If you want people to vote for Democrats against President Trump, you are supporting very radical, far-left politicians. There is no way around that fact.

He came out against the President recently, demanding his impeachment. He is receiving accolades from the left and some swing voters as the only honest Republican. Democrats say he’s honest because he’s parroting what they want to hear and they think their opinion is the only correct one.

The congressman from Michigan has deeply hurt the party and needs to run as a Democrat.

Amash also smeared Bill Barr, claiming the Attorney General deliberately misled on the Mueller report, which is over 400 pages of paper not worth the ink used to create it. Amash fully supports Mueller and his report.

When he stepped down from the House Freedom Caucus, he said, “I have the highest regard for them, and they’re my close friends,” Amash said. “I didn’t want to be a further distraction for the group.”

That is classy and now he needs to step down as a Republican.

The Michigan politician has never supported Donald Trump.

As Minority House Leader Kevin McCarthy said about Amash, “He votes with Nancy Pelosi more than he ever votes with me.”

Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) has a conflict of interest, especially when it comes to tariffs. Amash’s family relies on China for their business dealings. That could be affecting his decisions.


Michigan State Rep. Jim Lower brought up Amash’s record.

“He is calling for our president to be impeached and he doubled down on it today. I saw that he doubled down on those comments saying the Mueller report indicated he should be impeached,” Jim Lower, who recently announced that he intends to primary Amash in 2020, said last month during an appearance on FNC’s “The Ingraham Angle.”

“There is nobody besides Bob Mueller that would have loved to come out with that conclusion, and even he couldn’t come to that conclusion. It is completely ridiculous.”

“You know at this point, Justin Amash has more in common with Rashida Tlaib than he does the average Republican primary voter in the district,” he added. “So, we are going beat him on this issue, but we’re also beat him on the fact that in ten years in Congress, he’s gotten one bill passed and it was to rename a post office. Completely ineffective.”

True and he needs to register as a Democrat.

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