Justin Trudeau Accuses Freedom Truckers of Stealing Food from the Homeless


Prime Minister Trudeau has lost it. Now he’s accusing the truckers of stealing food from the homeless. He based the vile accusation on one Twitter post with no proof it ever happened. The Shepherds of Good Hope claim the truckers sought food from the soup kitchen. The left-wing charity didn’t say they ‘stole food’ as Trudeau said.

Did they simply ask for food? We don’t know.

It would be nice if Trudeau got his facts straight before he smeared people. It’s reckless and irresponsible.

Truckers have actually fed the homeless.

Trucker presser:

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7 months ago

Yes. I think you got it right. lol My relative in Detroit said she watches and believes CBC. Isn’t CBC assoc with the Goverment

8 months ago

“Shepards of Good Hope” spent less than $500,000 on food for the homeless last year, but spent more than $9,000,000 on salaries for their “Board of Directors”…who unsurprisinigly, all seem to be very WHITE, very wealthy friends of the Liberal Party.
It’s like Liberals everywhere….it doesn’t matter where the money COMES FROM….as long as a good chunk of it ends up in their pockets. These people don’t do ANYTHING out of the goodness of their heart. There is always a payday expected whenever a Canadian Liberal is involved.

8 months ago

Trudeau is a dangerous liar! His party has to go. Go truckers go. We love you and thank you.

Canadian Friend
8 months ago

Most of the negative stories about the truckers are fake news manufactured by both the leftist liberal government and the main stream media.

Just like about 99% of negative stories about Trump or his supporters are false.

Brakhage by Stereolab
Brakhage by Stereolab
8 months ago

What’s Howard Dean doing these days?
We need his input for some pure comedy gold.
Too bad so sad COV-CULT the jig is up.
The COV-LARP true believers hate the purebloods because it illustrates what soft weak suckers they are.
Dupes get played like a swapmeet ukulele.