Kabul was safer than Chicago last weekend


Last weekend Kabul, Afghanistan, was a safer place to be than Chicago, Illinois.

Americans, along with Afghan interpreters and civilians, are trying to escape from the Afghan capital after President Biden abandoned them following military troop withdrawals.

Citizens in Chicago, Illinois, are trying to escape from the ongoing violence in their city after President Biden abandoned them following a brief meeting on the airport’s tarmac last month.

Estimates put deaths in the Afghan capital’s airport last weekend at about seven. Victims were trampled to death, fell from aircraft, or died from other injuries as people attempted to flee the country’s largest city. Kabul is now controlled by the Taliban.

By contrast, seven people were killed and 37 others were wounded by gun violence in Chicago over the weekend. Chicago is now controlled by gangs and criminals.

Add to that the cold-blooded murder of a 70-year-old woman last Monday. Two armed men shot her once as she sat in her car. After she drove off and crashed her car, the two gunmen chased her and shot her multiple times. The woman died at the hospital. The two murderers were covered head to toe, one in all white, the other in all black. No suspects have been arrested.

Just one day earlier, 6- and 7-year-old sisters were shot as they sat in their car at a drive-thru restaurant. The older sister died, while the younger sister survived her injuries.

There have been over 2,000 shootings with more than 2,500 victims in Chicago so far this year. Over 450 of them were murdered. More than 100 people were shot just during the Independence Day weekend.

So which city seems safer? The tumultuous Afghan capital or the gun-crime ridden American city? Where would you rather take your chances? Where is Joe Biden more likely to send help?

At least President Biden pretends to deal with the chaotic evacuations of Americans from Kabul. But he shows absolutely no interest in ending the ongoing gun violence in Chicago. Even the murder of innocent children doesn’t garner a response from the president.

His feckless and failed attempts to help people escape Kabul highlight his weakness as president. Ditto in Chicago.

Biden’s inability to provide any plan to stem the senseless violence in Chicago should have been a cautionary warning to Americans living and working overseas. If Biden can’t even protect citizenry right here in the United States, what hope do Americans have in Afghanistan?

Now we know the answer – none!

Image from: Chicago.cbslocal.com

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Tipping Of The Hat
Tipping Of The Hat
2 years ago

Just saw something from the great Dilbert Adams about a potential Freudian slip from comrade kommissar Hayden (Criminals In Action) regarding “our” Taliban.
Hmm…so hmm.

(h/t/-Scott “the man with the coffee” Adams)

Poison Ivy by Eddie C Campbell
Poison Ivy by Eddie C Campbell
2 years ago

Taliban, CPUSA, comrades gonna comrade.
Keep voting for your chains lifetime democrat voters, you are hard rough n’ tough SOB’s on the mommygov serf plantation.
Be easy during the EBT stampede even if there isn’t enough to go around for all comrades of the glorious muh democracy collective.