Kamala Harris asks IG Horowitz to investigate the Attorney General


Kamala Harris asked Inspector General Mike Horowitz at yesterday’s hearing to investigate Attorney General Bill Barr for allegedly attempting to “do Trump’s bidding” and prove that Russia didn’t interfere in the 2016 election. She is referencing Trump’s concerns that Ukraine interfered in the election. The President made a comment about it, probably just in a tweet.

The President has not spoken with Barr and Barr is not even looking at Ukraine.

Once the socialist Democrats get their way with investigating and prosecuting people for non-crimes, it’s over for this Republic.

It is what the DOJ and FBI have done and the Democrats are ignoring those abuses for the most part and jumping right into impeachment. THE Articles of Impeachment cite non-crimes.


Harris is running for Vice President but she is always nasty.

Barr was not very critical of the Inspector General’s findings. He took exception to Horowitz’s conclusion that the Russia investigation was launched properly.

The IG was only investigating FISA abuses, not the origins. Barr stated that the IG was operating under limitations. He didn’t really criticize him in any significant way. The media tried to create dissension and misportrayed the comments.

Barr isn’t running a rogue investigation — like the prior administration — he commissioned Durham to look into the origins of the Russia investigation to determine if the intelligence was lawful and appropriate.

The DOJ IG’s report details very serious abuses, but the Democrats and Kamala are diverting away from that and falsely accusing the innocent people in the administration.

It’s deliberate and it’s very Soviet-like.

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