Pelosi-Biden pull a socialist budget double cross while inflation boils


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi vowed Thursday to block any infrastructure package until the Senate passes, along party lines if necessary, a “human infrastructure” package filled with far-left priorities such as job training for felons and new climate change regulations, The Washington Times reported.

“Let me be really clear on this: We will not take up a bill in the House until the Senate passes the bipartisan bill and a reconciliation bill,” the California Democrat said. “If there is no bipartisan bill, then we’ll just go when the Senate passes a reconciliation bill.”

Biden said basically the same thing yesterday at the same time that Republicans stood next to Democrats smiling about their ‘bipartisan’ budget deal.

The one ‘bipartisan’ bill allows them to keep two or three more reconciliation budgets (we lost track). If Republicans don’t agree to a budget, Biden has to use up an extra reconciliation budget. It won’t matter in the end. They will do whatever they want to do.

At the same time, inflation is going up while Democrats are spending without the revenue to back it up.

Republicans seem to be under the delusion they have some control.


In other words, it was always a bait-and-switch – a double cross — which every thinking person knew would happen. Democrats plan to spend $6 trillion to make us into a huge welfare nation while the borders are open as we always predicted.

There will never be a bipartisan deal until they agree to the human infrastructure which includes some dangerous socialist demands. It’s aimed particularly at Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema, the two Democrats who want bipartisanship. Senile Joe will blame them for any failure.

The Senate ‘bipartisan’ deal was always leverage, nothing more.

Schumer said he will push the Senate bipartisan bill through with the far-left bill at the same time next month.

Biden’s now saying he always told us he was going to have three 2 trillion dollar bills and he did which is why politicians should stop being so naive or stupid or dishonest, whatever they are.


The Speaker made the remarks shortly before a group of 21 senators met with President Biden at the White House and reached a tentative deal on the public works package. Earlier this week, the group agreed to a tentative “framework” after meeting with senior members of the administration’s domestic policy team, reports the Times.

A White House summary of the proposal indicates that $1.2 trillion would be spent over eight years. Of that sum, more than $579 billion would come from new revenue sources such as narrowing the “tax gap,” or the difference between taxes owed and taxes paid, the newspaper reported.

Lawmakers estimate that they can net more than $100 billion by boosting the IRS’s enforcement standards. [That’s nonsense that never works, plus they would have to hire tens of thousands of highly-paid IRS investigators.]

The 1.2 trillion is in itself nothing but payoffs to union workers and blue cities and states that didn’t take care of their infrastructure so they could spend wildly on socialism. They are making federal taxpayers pay for it.

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1 year ago

Whenever any Democrat has power, hide your wallet.

1 year ago

GOOD! We don’t have the money to spend unless they take away from the plethora of government waste including Planned Parenthood, PBS, (That’s a billion with just those 2), National Endowment for the Arts, National Science Foundation, and a whole host of others. Furthermore, much of the spending in the bi-partisan bill is not needed or the responsibility of individual states or local governments.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

Mitch and his gang of corrupt RINOs gave away the senate. It was Mitch’s greatest trash America act yet. I think the dems should do whatever they want until/unless the republican party removes all of its election coup supporters.

Wakandastan Ahead
Wakandastan Ahead
1 year ago

There has to be enough of that capitalist pig filthy lucre for all the skimming and graft.
A little payout to the comrades will keep CPUSA city from burning to the ground.
The comrades have no love for piggy apparatchiks who expect to live in a luxury dacha while the rest of us have a slit trench for plumbing in the Wakandastan Afrofascist utopia.