Kamala: Our Work…to Report on…Work…Discuss the Work…the Work We Must Still Do


Is someone writing Kamala’s speeches, or is this her?

“Today, the business of our work is for the council to report on the work that has occurred since our last meeting across these areas. We will today also discuss the work yet ahead, the work we must still do.”

Her work is as a misinformation priestess.

Here’s another one – very deep, very deep:

The Artemis program is “not just to visit; it’s to live and to work on the moon. Think about that.”
I hope she gets a job there.

This next comment is blatant misinformation but unfortunately, people who want to believe it will believe it. The Supreme Court returned the right to abort a baby to the states. They didn’t take any rights away.

Think about “what gives your brain a tingle?” For her, it could be spreading misinformation.

And here’s Joe going full Kamala.

Joe now has a 45% approval rating. That’s how far gone our nation is right now.

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