Kamala Wasn’t the AI Czar, Barack Obama Was


Kamala Harris wasn’t the AI czar as Joe Biden told us. Barack Obama was. He planned the White House AI strategy without telling the public the truth until now, in an NBC News article. It was presented most nonchalantly in the news outlet.

Former President Barack Obama has been quietly advising the White House on AI for five months. He didn’t just advise. Obama was fully engaged behind the scenes with tech companies and holding Zoom meetings with top West Wing aides.

The media didn’t bother to tell the public the truth.

The culmination of this is a totalitarian executive order, making the central government the overseer of all AI development

”You have to move fast here, not at normal government pace, or normal private sector pace, because the technology is moving so fast,” White House chief of staff Jeff Zients recalled Biden saying. “We have to move as fast or ideally faster. And we need to pull every lever we can.”

It’s hard to imagine the empty-headed Joe Biden saying that, but it’s very easy to imagine Barack Obama saying it. Obama liked to move fast before anyone knew what was going on.

The article said the White House fears people will develop conspiracy theories over this, imagining somehow that Obama is still running things.

Why would we think that? Because everything going on has his fingerprints all over it, and his former advisors are advising Joe? Does he think the fact that Biden has limited thinking ability makes us wonder?

The question stands. What else is Barack Obama running? Jen Psaki told Americans at the beginning of Biden’s presidency that Biden was in regular contact with Obama, several times a week.

Seizing Control of AI

The AI strategy is big government control from top to bottom, and it’s all allegedly done for “safety.”

“The order is broad, and its focuses range from civil rights and industry regulations to a government hiring spree,” NBC News reports.

“AI policy is like running into a decathlon, and there’s ten different events here,” a government official told reporters.

“And we don’t have the luxury of just picking ‘we’re just going to do safety’ or ‘we’re just going to do equity’ or ‘we’re just going to do privacy.’ You have to do all of these things.”

Because it’s so urgent, they can’t go through Congress. Far-left Chuck Schumer will start working on legislation.


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