Trump strikes swamp bureaucrats with an executive order — they can be fired now


Some career federal employees whose work involves making policy will no longer be hired under competitive procedures. They would lose the civil service protections that protect them from ever being fired. Also, they will no longer be union. This comes about with an executive order that President Trump issued Wednesday.

The order would shift those employees from what is called the “competitive service,” which covers most of the 2.1 million executive branch employees, into the “excepted service.” In general, expected service applies to political appointees below the level requiring Senate confirmation.

These are the swamp critters determining our policies without any accountability. This will make them accountable.


Trump said his order will “give agencies greater ability and discretion to assess critical qualities in applicants to fill these positions, such as work ethic, judgment, and ability to meet the particular needs of the agency.”

They will be kept based on performance and will no longer be a protected class.

Among career employees, the “excepted service” mainly applies to positions in which it is not practical to use competitive processes in hirings. It includes administrative law judges and attorneys. Employees of some entire agencies, such as intelligence agencies, also are in the excepted service.

Agencies are not required to post excepted service vacancies on the central recruiting site, although some do. They need not use rating systems required when hiring for competitive service jobs. Also, there is no formal preference for veterans. Unless they are veterans, excepted service employees do not gain appeal rights until after two years of employment, rather than the standard one year.

The order tells agencies to conduct an initial review within three months, and a full review within seven months. It strikes hard a to reducing the huge number of political appointments.

Then, agencies are to ask the Office of Personnel Management to move those positions into a newly created category of the excepted service. There is a list of “prohibited personnel practices” such as discrimination and nepotism would continue to apply to them.”


While not defining which occupations would be affected, such duties would include development or advocacy of policy; involvement with writing regulations and guidance; work in an agency component that primarily focuses on policy; supervision of attorneys; work in the agency’s executive secretariat; conducting negotiations with employee unions; or work that includes “substantial discretion to determine the manner in which the agency exercises functions committed to the agency by law.”

There are your career bureaucrats who run things from the swamp.

As expected, the union is angry.



  1. Dear M.Dowling,can I expect another good article like these from you about the Borat film coming out recently ? ,which was described by the leftist media as “revealing how fundamentally racist America under Trump administration is”
    I am a Kazakh voter and we are very offended by this movie,I am still wondering why such an unfunny and offensive movie made by the American Left smearing the peaceful Kazakh people without any factual basis cannot fit into the catagory of “racism”? In my opinion such a movie is definitely racist against the Kazakh people.
    President Donald Trump in his recent remarks also slamed Sacha Baron Cohen as an “unfunny creep”,and I agree with him.

    • Eric—find a friendly (Kazakh?) Lawyer and file a class action discrimination suit against Borat, et. Al. Force them to defend their demeaning movie and see how many leftists drop him like a rock.

      If nothing else the settlement money would help worthy charities supporting Kazakhstan….
      Good Luck!
      Many American would support you, we find him pretty offensive as well.

    • Eric the Constitutionalist, I am really insulted by the Borat character, Sasha Baron Cohen’s alter ego, with his demeaning attitude toward Kazakhstan, and it’s people. Kazakhstan doesn’t need me to defend it. I will say that Astana is one of the most beautiful, modern, and fastest growing economic powerhouses to found anywhere. And speaking of beautiful, in my opinion, Kazakhstan has the most beautiful women in the world; smart and classy, too. Cohen doesn’t know what he is talking about when demeaning Kazakhstan, and it’s people, and because to that he has brought repulsiveness, and shame upon himself. On top of that, America is the “melting pot” of the world, with people of all races living in harmony here. America is not a racist country by any stretch of the imagination. Shame on Cohen.

  2. There’s no indication so I’m curious whether this applies to SES, the true Shadow Government, which is the class of civil servants that keep Administrations from implementing policy. They are basically those who have power and control over departments. It has become one of the worst pieces of legislation ever passed.

      • That’s what I assumed. There has been a great deal of articles on the matter. At the time the legislation was written, in the 70’s I believe, it “sounded” like a good idea but has turned out to be a case of unintended consequences.

  3. ERIC, If I May jump in here for what it’s worth.
    The 1st amendment guarantees, even AHoles like Sacha Cohen, the right to make disgusting, obnoxious movies. It’s up,to WeThePpl to REJECT such nauseating behaviors by keeping our wallets shut.

    Only thing that NEEDS changing, the IGNORING of the PC PERPETUALLY Offended Snowflakes. THEY need to be treated like an allergy for which the only cure is constant exposure to the offending agent. Give them a heaping helping of everything that offends them.

    As for anything Sasha Cohen produces, hopefully he will go too far with his filth and get the crap sued out of him. There’s nothing like punitive damages wiping out his bank account for a sure cure

    If Cohen’s movie gets off the shelf and is worthy of note, I’m sure Ms Dowling will address it. She doesn’t miss anything.

    It’s our job to keep supporting the Independent Sentinel, keep posting it much as possible, so we don’t lose this urgently needed outlet.

  4. Most of the Kazakh Americans are the descendants of the refugees who fled from the Stalin Great Famine and political suppression under the USSR’s communist rule. We are very much alike Cuban Americans and Vietnamese Americans . Over two million Kazakhs died in the Stalin Famine and hundreds of thousands of Kazakh intellectuals and social elites died under Stalin’s Great Purge. That’s why we have heartfelt love for American Liberty and the American way of life. Now the Leftists are threatening to take that away from us,and the so-called “racism” is their tool to achieve this goal . It’s outrageous and hypocritical when they claim to fight against racism and make racist films at the same time.It’s beyond logic.

  5. Been predicting for at least the past year, soon as Pres Trump enters his 2nd term, EXPECT a house cleaning like we’ve NEVER seen before.
    It will be a Saturday Night massacre 6 days a week, twice on Sunday.

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