Kamala’s niece rants about Israel oppressing Palestinians! Huh?


Kamala Harris’s far-Left woke niece Meena urged people to fight “Palestinian oppression” by Israel if they care about women’s and LGBT rights, The Daily Mail reported.

What? Israel is oppressing women and LGBTs? She must have gotten them confused with the Palestinians, who really do oppress LGBTs and women. Gay people in Gaza go to jail for ten years for gay offenses and honor killings are frequent.

She made her comments on Instagram.

On Wednesday, she re-posted a widely shared reaction to Israel-Palestine.

Meena Harris urged people who believe in LGBTQ rights and women’s issues to speak out.

‘If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the oppressor.”

Harris’s post ignored the deeply troubling human rights record in Palestine and the fact that Hamas and Fatah attacked Israel.

In the West Bank, it is widely frowned upon and not socially acceptable to be an LGBT. Amnesty reported torture, repression of dissent and lack of due process are the way things are handled.

They report that “women faced discrimination and violence” in the country.

There is something seriously wrong with Meena.

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