Kamala’s Secret Service Agent Brawls with Colleagues, Suspected DEI Hire


Agent Michelle Herczeg, a female DEI Secret Service agent guarding Kamala Harris, reportedly began fighting with fellow officers after appearing for duty in April at Joint Base Andrew ahead of a trip with the vice president.

According to RealClearPolitics, Herczeg was reportedly armed when she grew angry and erratic, throwing things at her fellow agents, including menstrual pads, and telling them they were “going to burn in hell.”

Agent Michelle Herczeg

A superior officer informed her she was removed from duty, sparking her to lash out. First, she chest-bumped her superior, then tackled and punched the officer. Her fellow agents broke up the fight and disarmed her before she was handcuffed and removed from duty.

A Secret Service spokesperson told Fox News Digital that the agency would comply with House Oversight Chairman James Comer’s request to brief Congress about the incident on June 21.

House Republicans have been very concerned about the Secret Service’s leadership and training since DEI Director Kimberly Cheatle took over.

An Anonymous Petition

An anonymous petition launched on Change.org singled out the incident as an example of how Cheatle’s adherence to gender quotas left a dangerous individual in the agency who should have been dismissed long ago after a problem with her performance.

The petition now has over 200 signatures.

Kimberly Cheatle

The petition alleges that Cheatle’s adherence to DEI, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion principles rather than promotions based on merit caused the incident.

DEI is Marxist and illegal under the US Constitution.

“The Secret Service used to be an elite agency, known for its rigorous standards and impeccable record in keeping with its proud motto ‘Worthy of Trust and Confidence,’ which is emblazoned on the credentials of every Secret Service Agent,” the petition read.

“However, many are concerned that under Director Cheatle’s leadership, the Secret Service has become increasingly vulnerable to potential insider threats that pose a risk to US National Security.”

She sounds deranged.

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