Kansas City vs. Philadelphia: Which One Wins Based on the Murder Rate?


The Super Bowl on February 12th between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles is played only between the football teams. But what if they competed in a different game? What if we see which team wins based on their city’s murder rate?


Kansas City, Missouri, is a city of roughly half a million people, while Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, weighs in with a population of a million and a half. So Philly has about three times the population of KC.

Last year, Kansas City recorded 169 homicides. In fact, that’s the second-highest homicide total for the Missouri city. About 10 percent of the victims were age 18 or younger. Non-fatal shootings totaled 542. The highest homicide rate in KC came two years earlier, in 2020, when there were 182 murders.


As for Philly, the city recorded 516 murders in 2022. That’s a decrease of 8 percent from 2021, the record high for the City of Brotherly Love. Almost 80 percent of fatal 2022 shooting victims in Philly were black, and about half were the between 18 and 30 years of age.

And if that’s not bad enough, Philly saw 1,791 non-fatal shootings in 2022. Not very brotherly, if you ask me.


But what’s the per capita murder rate? After all, Philadelphia has triple the population of Kansas City. KC has a murder rate of 30 per 100,000 people and ranks 8th among U.S. cities. Philly, on the other hand, has a murder rate of 22.5 per 100,000 people, ranking 16th among U.S. cities. (CBS News)

The Super Bowl is being played in Phoenix, which is not the safest place to be either. It has a murder rate of 12.3 per 100,000 people. Phoenix ranks only a little better than Philly. (Fox 10 News)

So, if you want to bet on a Super Bowl team solely based on the murder rate of the city, Philly is a “safer” bet. But let’s see if Kansas City can show more Brotherly Love.

Image from: KFXG

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1 year ago

Every statistic in this article is wrong. How can Phil murder rate be 302 per 100,000 when it had 516 total with a population of 1.5 million

1 year ago
Reply to  Anonymous

When you take 1.5 million & factor in the integer of 302 deaths per 100,000 population & the deaths offset the total population — now diminished to a significantly smaller number — you are up against a frighteningly component of total deaths that can only be expressed in a very human component. That is: what if one — just one — of God’s souls whose life was taken so callously — if just one was a person you loved — a son or daughter, a mother or father. And so we are confronted with anonymous’s comment & answer him by reminding him that figures lie & liars figure…