Kari Lake Discusses Her Race in the Once-Red State of Arizona


Kari Lake is running for the Senate in Arizona and was on Greg Kelly’s show last night. They discussed the Iowa caucus, which the media have greatly distorted. She said people were coming out in huge numbers to vote for Trump in 0° weather. The media will tell you the 30% lead, which is a historic lead in Iowa, is insignificant because he’s basically an incumbent, which, of course, he is not.

They quickly got into her race and began by playing her ad, which Kelly praised.

Kelly said, “I think we can get everybody to agree on the border, maybe except the globalists. Even Democrats think we should have a border and legal immigration, not illegal, right?


Lake replied, “Well, you’d think so, but my two opponents, Kyrsten Sinema and Ruben Gallego, want to have the border open. They want this problem because they want to get billions and hundreds of millions of dollars and pour it into the symptoms, like processing people coming here illegally. They don’t want to fund the wall to stop people from coming over so that’s why this election is so important, Greg.

“It’s about choices, and the choices are very clear. Do you want a wide-open border… do you want 12 -15 million people pouring in and using up our services while, meanwhile, we have homeless Americans living on the streets? Do you want a secure border, do you want a strong economy like we had with President Trump and with America First Republicans or do you want the nightmare situation that we are all living in right now?

“And that’s why it’s a real clear choice. Voting for me means I’m going to be helping in DC to put America First policies back in place? That make all of our lives better? Even if you’re a Democrat, your life is going to be better under me and under President Trump.

Gallego is a Marxist

Greg Kelly asked her about this Gallego character. He wanted to know what she knew about him. He knew about Sinema but not about Gallego.

Lake said, “He’s a far left, frankly Marxist, who’s a congressman right now in the district of Arizona that has the fastest growing homeless population in the country. We’ve got veterans rotting on the streets, homeless.

“Meanwhile, he’s all for giving everybody pouring across the border, amnesty and the asylum seekers, asylum. This is a guy who has put America Last. This is a guy who walked out on his wife when she was nine months pregnant with his firstborn, and he will walk out on the people of Arizona. And we can’t have him in the US Senate.

“He’s been a nightmare in Congress, voting against everything that had to do with securing our border. He’s for tax increases, and he’s just your typical radical leftist Democrat.

“And the people of Arizona don’t want that. They’re tired of those policies, and so, I think that polling that his people put out showed me up above him in the polls, and I think that’s a very big sign that Arizona is going to vote for America First patriotic people who are running for office.

“I don’t want to leave people feeling hopeless. This can be turned around quickly starting on day one. Get President Trump in the White House, get me in the US Senate and elect a whole bunch of America First patriots around the country.”

Greg Kelly expressed his deep concerns about them playing a fast one.

Kari Lake replied, “I don’t put anything past them. I really don’t, but we are going to show up in such huge numbers that I don’t think they can pull the wool over our eyes again. I don’t think the American people will accept the kind of funny business that has been practiced in the past, and we’re going to show up in massive numbers, and that’s why they’re trying to arrest him, frankly. But he could be sitting in Alcatraz, and the people of this country will vote for President Trump.”

These are the polls so far of the once-red state, pre-Democrat-manipulated demographic changes.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 month ago

It’s impossible that in a fair election, Arizona would vote for the invasion.