Kari Lake Responds with “Perfection” to Lizzie Cheney and Katie Hobbs


Kari Lake masterfully responds to Liz Cheney’s promise to campaign against Kari Lake and make certain she doesn’t win. Unfortunately for the vengeful Cheney, it’s having the opposite effect.

Read the letter. It is perfection.

No one calls out the corrupt media as well as she does.

A local TV news station in Arizona is apologizing after airing a graphic showing Katie Hobbs, the Democratic nominee for governor, as the winner in her race 12 days out from the midterm elections.

The graphic, which appeared Thursday afternoon on FOX 10 Phoenix at the bottom left-hand part of the screen, showed Hobbs with 53% support compared to 47% for Republican nominee Kari Lake. Hobbs, Arizona’s secretary of state, had a check by her number, indicating she was the victor.

It was a mistake?

An Insider Advantage survey for Lake’s old Fox affiliate station shows her blowing out to an 11-point lead at 54-43.


Katie Hobbs accused Kari Lake of arranging a break-in at Hobbs’ office. The media ran with the nonsensical attack, but the man who broke in, a criminal, was not politically motivated.

Watch Kari Lake slap around the reporters who jumped on the Hobbs bandwagon over the idiotic story.

Kari is 11 points ahead because she is the better candidate. Hobbs sounds very inadequate for the job.

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