Kari Lake: “This is a full-fledged INVASION of the United States of America”


Biden and the people behind the curtain [Barack Obama and George Soros] have allowed a full-scale invasion of the United States to change the nation forever. You won’t like the country once they’re done. Biden and his enablers allowed the border to collapse. Cartels are stealing children with 85,000 missing, and the country is flooded with drugs. Biden has turned the nation over to millions of anonymous people.

The border is a war zone right now, and many are well-dressed with iPhones.

Thank our politicians for the breakdown of society.

Kari Lake writes: This isn’t simply refugees seeking asylum. This is a full-fledged INVASION of the United States of America.

As you watch the foreigners invade the country, remember that Venezuelan dictator Vincent Maduro and the UN have helped facilitate the invasion. Behind it are progressive American groups. To call it anything other than an invasion by military-age people would be dishonest. Most of the people coming are single men.

Our Border Today

Bernard Kerik tweeted: This invasion of the US is authorized by @JoeBiden’s @WhiteHouse and being supported by @SenSchumer @SpeakerPelosi and the @TheDemocrats @HouseDemocrats @SenateDems. Who is going to support these people financially? The American taxpayer! I don’t give a damn what party you are…He linked to a photo of the invasion.

Democrats successfully politicized this, leading to more than half the country turning a blind eye to the invasion.
Democrat leadership-endorsed invasion.
Biden is just a figurehead, and it’s hard to see him running again. My guess is Michelle Obama will be the candidate [for Barack Obama’s 4th term].

According to Alex Jones, cartels and pedophiles are pouring into the country. There is one judge at the border for thousands crossing over. Pete Santilli and Alex Jones claim terrorism is planned during the invasion. I have no idea if this is true, but the idea of cartels launching terror attacks while the border collapses is not a stretch to believe.

We have seen a surge in Chinese Nationals. Russian and Iranian Nationals have been caught at the border. Does anyone think some could be our enemies? They don’t have to blow us up. They can simply corrupt our politics and culture from within.
We had permission from Muckraker to put this clip up in April:

Biden and the Democrats in power are allowing this to happen. This has to be on Democrats since Biden has limited mental faculties. He’s not in charge. The party and their Republican enablers are responsible.

El Paso right now:

It’s already overwhelmed our borders, and Democrats in power do nothing because this is what they want. They hate this country.

Combat veteran Michael Yon isn’t letting anyone off the hook:

DHS Chief Mayorkas is mocking us with bald-faced lies.

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26 days ago

Biteme, #heelsupharris, and Majerkoff all need to be impeached for high treason IMAO.

27 days ago

Trump/Lake 2024 is the only answer if we have a country left by then. McCarthy and most of GOP are siding with Traitor joe on this. If we didn’t have a criminal DOJ and non functioning Congress, Mayorkas would’ve been in jail long ago.

Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
27 days ago
Reply to  jazzfusionary

Pardon my pessimism but elections are rigged,

Trump will get more votes in 2024 but the democrats who count the vote will say they won.

The media will agree with democrats

Corrupt judges will refuse to look at evidence of voting fraud.

There are mountains of evidence of voting fraud in 2020 yet Democrats paid no price for all that cheating…they will do it again.

27 days ago

Patriots head to the borders for the Red Dawn by land. Take no prisoners.

Remember the Alamo!

Last edited 27 days ago by Wolverines
Mikel Paulson
Mikel Paulson
27 days ago

Yes, so if this is an invasion, (and I believe it is), when are we going to actually start shooting at them like we have done in other invasions? That would certainly stop the invasion…

Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
27 days ago
Reply to  Mikel Paulson

As an observer, a spectator, here is my theory on what may happen.

As millions of illegals enter the USA, they will walk on people s properties, on their land, damage or vandalize fences, crops, maybe steal things, like tools, cars…they may even build small temporary camps…some American citizens will try to make the illegals go away, the illegals will refuse, there will be shouting, fists fights, and eventually someone will shoot someone.

such things will happen more and more and then Americans will start forming small militias to try and protect their land, their crops, their property.

The Democrat administartion will always take the side of the invaders which will make Americans more angry

there will be more fights, more shots fired, the cartels will also form small militias to shoot back at the Americans trying to protect the south border.

these small skirmish will happen more and more often …and eventually it will devolve into something that will look like the civil war of the 1800s

hundreds or thousands on one side shooting at hundreds or thousands on the other side.

Democrats will try to stop Americans from shooting at illegals and cartels ( democrats will care more about the invaders , they have always cared more about them then about Americans ) , but the militias protecting the border will refuse to comply…this will create tensions between the southern Americans protecting the border, and the democrat government

and then American democrats living in the north of the USA (who don t feel the pain of the invasion from where they are ) will turn against Americans from the south.

Northern Americans will take the side of the invaders and will perceive Southern Americans as the villains.

The north and the south will be enemies again.

in the 1800s they became enemies over a disagreement over black people…this time they will be enemies over a disagreement over hispanic people.

Or I am wrong and none of that will happen…

Americans will simply take this sitting down, will let democrats replace them with a few hundred million hispanics…then 10 years later the same will happen in Canada and then by the end of this century North America will be a gigantic hispanic speaking continent where whites will be a microscopic unimportant minority sitting at the back of the bus.

26 days ago

I think you are on point about Civil War, it will be Fly Over Country vs the Northeast and West Coast. With the goods, Energy and Food from Fly Over Country the Northeast and West Coast will be quickly starved out.

Texas needs to take a stand and close it’s Southern Border or this will be our future. I don’t think Gov. Abbott has the Balls!

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
27 days ago

Yes, and the corrupt GOP “leaders” are full fledged colluders in our destruction.

27 days ago
Reply to  The Prisoner

Biden and democrats are the ones behind all this as they are the traitors invoking Their policies.