Kari Lake’s Loss by the Numbers


The Arizona election was perhaps the most controversial this year. Kari Lake’s loss came amid chaos, printer and tabulator failures, long waits in Republican areas.

Republican turnout was up, and Democratic turnout was down from 2018 in Maricopa County. Yet, Kari Lake at the top of the ticket lost.

Maricopa accounts for 60 percent of registered voters in the state. Republicans outnumber Democrats in Arizona overall by more than 166,000 people.

Maricopa County had a 64.2 percent voter participation rate in the midterms.

In this month’s election, 75.4 percent of Republicans turned out and voted, according to Jarrett. In 2018, the GOP turnout was more than one percentage point lower at 74.2 percent.

Meanwhile, Democrats saw a lighter turnout this year than in 2018 with 68.5 percent versus 69.9 percent.

Despite Democratic turnout being down from 2018, the party’s gubernatorial candidate and Arizona’s secretary of state, Katie Hobbs, won her race against Republican Kari Lake.

Biden’s approval rating stood  at 36 percent last month.

One explanation for Lake coming up short in the vote tally is the chaos in Maricopa County on Election Day, where ballot tabulators and ballot printers were not functioning at 71 polling locations, according to the county. The Lake campaign puts the number higher.

Hours-long lines developed at multiple sites experiencing these problems, leading the Lake campaign to argue that since Republicans voted 3-to-1 over Democrats on Election Day, what happened was large-scale voter suppression of her supporters.

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