Karl Marx’s Doppelgänger Pramila Attacks Starbucks for…CAPITALISM


CommieDem Pramila wants “greedy” Starbucks to unionize yesterday. They make too much money according to her. The allegedly soaring profits she claims they make are not soaring beyond what they’ve been for at least a decade, and with inflation, the costs will rise and prices will rise.

The anti-capitalist needs to look to her comrade, Joe Biden, for the source of the problem.

Starbucks isn’t a necessary staple. It’s a specialty drink that you don’t buy unless you want to pay too much for coffee that you think is special. There is nothing wrong with that. If they go too far, people won’t buy their products.

The Pramila call to unionize will only make things worse. Unions always cause prices to go up.

Pramila needs to go to her crying room and just learn to live with capitalism. It has given the most to the greatest number of people. Georgetown just put a crying room in for their loons and she could probably get taxpayers to pay for hers because she’s the kind of gal who wants everyone to pay for her.

The best is when she said every single worker should join a union. Unions are run by the Marx crowd these days and drive up oppressive regulations and high costs. They are wretched monopolies. They’re trying to die a much-needed death but commies keep propping them up.

She is economically challenged.

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