Kathy Griffin Comes Out Viciously Against Man Who Took Her Gig on CNN


Kathy Griffin worked with Andy Cohen for years but things started to slide when he became more of the frontman. Their relationship hit rock bottom when he replaced her on the New Year’s Eve gig with Anderson Cooper. Cohen joked about not knowing her when asked about replacing her on Cooper’s show. He has been friends with Cooper for 20 years, but the relationship with Griffin, with whom he has appeared, has been strained for years.

She feels “tossed aside”. Perhaps she has been tossed for reasons other than her vicious photo-shoot of the President. She appears to be a very vicious woman.

She’s been blaming everyone for her failure and even claims Bravo didn’t give her show the support it needed.

Right now, she’s after Cohen. First she said he offered her cocaine before a show which he denied. Now she’s accusing him of a sexual assault when he was in college based on a letter she received from a possibly jilted lover of Cohen’s, both are gay men.

Griffin has now taken it upon herself to destroy Cohen with these age-old, possibly false accusations.

Declaring herself the Mayor of Zero F**ksville, she posted the letter. She can’t possibly know if it’s true. This is the same kind of impulsive and vicious behavior that got her in trouble in the first place. You can check out the letter and the tweet below.

She’s also sending out tweets ripping into Bill O’Reilly because one of his staff asked her if she’d like to come on his podcast. She responded by saying she’s not “that desperate” and  calling him Bill McRapey. She’s the arbiter of everyone’s character apparently. She’s judge, jury and executioner.

Maybe that’s why people aren’t jumping to get her on their shows.

In general, these sexual allegations against people are believed without anyone, including the media, researching for accuracy. Anyone can say anything and be believed. It’s Duke LaCrosse and UVA over and over.

About Griffin, one reporter for an online gossip mag described her reaction: An action this extreme is comparable to pulling an assault rifle on someone who let their dog sh*t on your sidewalk. This sh*t just got real…

She went after Harvey Levin of TMZ and Andy Cohen in another nasty video in October. Who believes her?

Lisa Bloom, the daughter of Gloria Allred and her one-time lawyer, also suffered her wrath on Twitter.

She’s constantly trashing anyone who voted Trump — that’s 62.9 million people.

Who would want to hire her?

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