Katie Hobbs’ Staff Censored Political Opponents on Twitter


Before the election, Katie Hobbs, the Democrat-Socialist-governor-elect of Arizona, had staff who contacted Twitter to remove comments by her political opponents. If she controlled Twitter, what else did she control – Facebook, MSM, Instagram, etc.?

Katie Hobbs would not recuse herself from running the election, and on Election Day, when most Republicans voted, printers and tabulation machines didn’t work for hours. Many left the lines.

When three districts refused to certify, she threatened them with prison and lawsuits.

Katie refused to debate, had millions in free advertising from the media, controlled Twitter, did not have a major following, and didn’t campaign, yet she won. She had people who swung the election in her favor.

Nothing fishy here! I wouldn’t want to be accused of being a conspiracy theorist!

Attorney Christina Bobb pulled this information about her controlling Twitter:

Maricopa County Held a Hearing

The voters who turned up for the hearing questioning the Katie Hobbs election irregularities were torched in the media as lunatics.

Charlie Kirk said the information coming out of the hearing “is even worse than we imagined. The sabotage by the County was criminal.”

David Limbaugh said, “The people standing before the Board to complain about election irregularities are hardly outlying, mouth-breathing fanatics. They are well reasoned and outraged, and they are numerous.”

Democrats knew that the Lake supporters were waiting for Election Day to come to the polls, yet over 30% of the machines stopped working, although they had worked up to that day. The people in charge of the election were anti-MAGA Chairman Gates and Recorder Stephen Richer, along with Lake’s opponent, Katie Hobbs.

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1 year ago

The Evidence of Fraud in AZ is overwhelming, there must be a New Election. Of course the MSM is still saying there isn’t voter Fraud in America, not now or in 2020. Is there a Judge in AZ interested in Justice?