Kayleigh backs KY AG & CNN gaslights, defends the mob


CNN gaslighting babe, Brianna Keilar questioned the judgment of the Kentucky Attorney General in the Breonna Taylor case who said mob justice is not justice. We know that this is very loaded language.”

On Wednesday, Keilar slammed Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron’s remarks as he condemned “mob justice.”

“I question the judgment of the Kentucky attorney general saying quote ‘Mob justice is not justice.’ He said that it becomes revenge,” the “CNN Right Now” anchor began. “That word, ‘the mob’ and the president having said that ‘if Joe Biden wins, the mob wins.’ That’s what he says, We know this is very politically loaded language.”

They are a violent mob.

At the close of her press briefing the following day, McEnany called out what she described as Keilar’s “outrageous” comments.

“The attorney general Daniel Cameron said that ‘if we simply act on emotion or outrage, there is no justice. Mob justice is not justice. Justice sought by violence is not justice. It just becomes revenge,'” the press secretary began. “And you contrast his message with that of CNN’s Brianna Keilar, who said, ‘I question the judgment of the Kentucky attorney general saying that ‘Mob justice is not justice.’ We know that this is very loaded language.’

“That’s an appalling statement from Brianna Keilar at CNN and what is outrageous about this take is that mob justice is not justice,” McEnany added. “Hours later, after this comment was made on CNN, two police officers were shot. This is not justice.”

She continued, “This has nothing to do with politics, it has everything to do with the value of human life and the safety and security of our American cities and across the country, we’ve seen our police officers come under fire in the line of duty … Our police officers deserve our respect and the violence that is being committed towards them … is outrageous. And the words of CNN and of Brianna Keilar is outrageous, irresponsible, and we should never hear statements like that followed by hours later two police officers being shot.”

Keilar is illogical. Of course mob — vigilante — justice is not justice. Keilar didn’t cause the death of the two police officers but she is lending her voice to the mob. What Keilar is doing is trying to distract from the leftist mobs taking over our streets to get people to vote for Slow Joe.

Keilar’s comment is absurd, and soon after she made her comments, someone in the mob shot two officers. What Kayleigh McEnany was trying to explain is that words do matter and constantly demeaning law enforcement, including an attorney general, can be very destructive.

There is a mob, a well-organized, leftist mob destroying cities and towns in the name of the Democrat Party. The media and the Democrats refuse to come out and condemn it. They don’t want it to shut it down.


Now Mrs. McEnany is trending and the claws are out. Instead of responding to the issue, Keilar launched ad hominem attacks. She claims MeEnany lies about lying. That’s inaccurate but CNN does lie about lying.

Keilar is carrying on about the President playing down the virus. What they don’t explain is he was trying to not cause panic. At the same time, he issued plenty of warnings. He stopped travel from China and Europe. How stupid do you have to be to not get that’s serious?

As Dr. Fauci said, at no time did the President misrepresent anything about COV that he knows of.

What does COV have to do with her encouraging the mob? Why doesn’t Keilar address the issue at hand?

Watch Keilar go off on the worn-out anti-Trump COV attack:

Keilar took a joke by the President and used that to say he was the one encouraging violence. In fact, the President was talking about the excellent police response, not the fact that the reporter was hit with a rubber bullet. That is one CNN lie, right there.

If CNN wants to be truthful, they should explain that the President did report on the seriousness of COV while also low-keying it to give people hope. That would be the truth.

In truth, CNN is gaslighting us with these violent mobs of theirs.

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