Chaotic moments after Breonna shooting, Officer Mattingly shot & bleeding


The three officers who used a warrant to enter the Breonna Taylor house were not wearing body cams. They yelled out that they were the police and knocked three times.

Upon entering, Miss Taylor’s boyfriend Kenneth Walker fired at Sgt. Jon Mattingly and shot him in the thigh. Walker then ran and hid as Miss Taylor took the fire from the police. She died instantly from one of the shots to her head.

Officer Mattingly was lying wounded. Miss Taylor was beyond help.

The video picks up after officers wearing bodycams had applied a tourniquet on Mattingly’s leg.

The moments captured are chaotic, with no ambulance at that point. Officers are heard yelling to put Mattingly on top of the vehicle’s trunk to get him away.

One officer doesn’t know if the danger has passed.This bodycam footage shows the chaos in the immediate moments after the shooting. Officer Mattingly was shot in the femoral artery and bleeding extensively.

You can read those documents on this link.

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