Kelly Tshibaka Has Momentum – “99% Chance to Win”


Kelly Tshibaka told Breitbart News Saturday that her campaign has momentum weeks ahead of the midterm election.

“Multiple polls, right after our primary, showed this race in a dead heat tie — 50/50 with me and Sen. Murkowski in the general election, but recently FiveThirtyEight shows … that we have a momentum and are leading,” she said. “They show me at 53 percent and that this is our race to win.”

“Regardless of what Mitch McConnell wants, I’m not going to be bought and bullied,” she explained, adding that Murkowski “will do anything Washington, DC, wants her to [do].”

“She votes with Joe Biden 80 percent of the time,” the Trump-endorsed candidate said of Murkowski, noting that the ads against her have been fact-checked as lies.

“He’s invested millions and millions of dollars on ads full of lies —  a giant smear campaign against me because he’d rather have a minority in the Senate that he can control, where he’s the minority leader, rather than having a majority he can’t, where we actually have a Republican majority that represents America and puts us … America First, representing the people of America and doing what’s best for the people,” the Senate hopeful said, adding that Murkowski is garnering support from Democrats.

Tshibaka believes “the establishment sticks together. I’ve spent my career holding government insiders accountable and spent over 16 years in Washington, DC, exposing waste, fraud, and abuse.” She did. She was a watchdog who took her job seriously.  As Mrs. Tshibaka says, “less [fewer] politicians and more public servants.”

She believes McConnell is threatened by people who “don’t play politics” and stick with “principles.”

He indeed feels threatened. It’s obvious since he’s backing a fake Republican over a true Republican.

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Lisa Murkowski and opponent Kelly Tshibaka

In Alaska’s U.S. Senate race, supporters of incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski are spending millions on ads attacking her real Republican challenger, Kelly Tshibaka. Murkowski is a left-leaning independent who only joined the Republican Party because Alaska is red, and her father helped her.

The independents who support her are Democrat-leaning, or Mitch McConnell’s doing.

Murkowski has millions of dollars in her own campaign account, and two political action committees are separately spending millions on ads attacking Tshibaka. An Alaska-based group, Alaskans for L.I.S.A, has spent millions on attack ads focused on Tshibaka’s fishing law violations and comments she has made about birth control.

More recently, a long-planned ad-buy from the Senate Leadership Fund [Mitch McConnell’s baby] has joined the chorus, flooding Alaska television, radio, and the internet with attacks on Tshibaka for what they call fraud and wasteful spending during her time working for federal and state government, Anchorage Daily News reports.

Juneau Empire writes:

Kelly Tshibaka can toss out Trumpisms with the best of them and many potential voters know her largely via controversial “liberal media” headlines. But ask how she hopes to fix problems if elected to the U.S. Senate rather than talking about what others have broken and the former state Department of Administration commissioner can weigh in with plenty of weighty words ranging from seabeds to outer space.

Take Russia, for instance, where instead of the MAGA red-meat “hoax” about election tampering she talks about how the U.S. military’s increasing focus on the foreign neighbor and other countries with competing Arctic interests is a threat that can also be an opportunity throughout Alaska with investments in satellite, technology and other infrastructure.

She is a woman of vision and talks more than red.


According to election forecaster FiveThirtyEight, a Republican has roughly a 99% chance to win next month’s Alaska senate election, with Republican challenger Kelly C. Tshibaka considered mostly likely to emerge with the victory at 53%.

Originally appointed to the Senate in 2002, Murkowski has long been a swing vote during partisan Senate battles, ranking in as the second most liberal Republican senator, according to a 2017 GovTrack analysis of lawmakers. Her ranking put her to the left of Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., the Senate’s most conservative Democrat [who votes Democrat 85% of the time].

McConnell supporting Murkowski, who is really a Democrat, is McConnell putting himself first over party and country.

A Murkowski campaign spokesperson told Fox News Digital that they remain confident in their internal numbers.

“Our campaign has conducted polling throughout this race, and we remain very confident in our internal numbers. Alaskans took a public poll in August when they voted in the primary, a primary where Lisa beat Kelly Tshibaka by 7 points,” campaign spokesperson Shea Siegert said.

Please, Alaska, get rid of Murkowski.

Kelly has momentum!

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