Republican Candidate Kristina Karamo Gives MI Muslims a Voice


Two years ago, Kristina Karamo did not have a public persona. But after becoming a Detroit poll challenger in 2020, she has turned concerns of election fraud into statewide candidacy. She has also gone into Muslim districts to discuss their concerns about education and all things affected by elections.

Trump-backed candidate Kristian Karamo.

The left calls her an election denier, but they are the same people who support a man with dementia in the presidency as the country heads for the waiting flames below.

Karamo beat multiple local clerks and a state lawmaker at a Republican convention this spring and secured the party’s nomination for Michigan Secretary of State, the office that oversees elections.

She will face Democrat incumbent Jocelyn Benson on Nov. 8.


Her website, press conferences, videos, and speeches demonstrate how she’d run the office.

Karamo writes on her website on policy about “securing chain of custody” throughout the voting system, from ballot printing to processing. Karamo also says “all reports” from citizens that allege election fraud “must be investigated in-depth.”

If elected, Karamo says she would continue investigating election fraud claims, but it would not be her sole focus.

She has also expressed interest in thoroughly reviewing voting machines used throughout the state to verify their security and reducing regulations at Secretary of State branch offices.

“The Secretary of State must have full access to every detail, of all election hardware and software, in order for any provider to be able to sell the state of Michigan software or hardware impacting voting results,” her website says.

MLive said Mrs. Karamo is an election denier, and 250 audits show the election was valid.

She doesn’t want nine days of early voting, and MLive disapproves. Karamo doesn’t want property taxes to increase to pay for it.

It sounds like she’d run a tight election, not something her opponent cares about.

The voting machine companies won’t like her, and MLive wants the Democrat, but the Muslims in Dearborn might feel differently.

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The Michigan newspapers are busy trashing her based on account of her angry husband’s comments during the divorce. He said she threatened to kill him and the children. Ms. Karamo calls it “categorically false.” There is no evidence to back up the husband’s claim. She said it stems from a motion to change the parenting time order between her and her ex-husband Adom Karamo. She has never harmed her children and has full custody.

She said in a statement: “Media entities and my opponents are desperate, so they want to push false allegations with ZERO evidence. They are terrified of this movement uniting Michiganders of diverse beliefs and backgrounds that will save this state!

“I love my children; I have forgiven my ex-husband, and  I look forward to serving the citizens of Michigan.”

They don’t like her stance on election security or her college degrees; one is in Christianity.

She has a bachelor’s degree in communications from Oakland University and a master’s from Biola University in Christian apologetics, a branch of Christianity dedicated to defending the religion.

I agree with the Muslim parents here who are angry over schools’ efforts to groom children.

And I agree with Gays against groomers. How quickly we’ve fallen.

The Washington Stand explains how the number of children in the wealthy Montgomery county children who aren’t sure of their gender increased 991%:

The number of forms MCPS received tripled from 2019-2020 and then doubled again from 2020-2021. In the Daily Caller’s report, they note the 682% increase over two years. However, the data are even more troubling. The yearly statistics only record the “intake form” for “supporting student gender identity”; therefore, they are (roughly) cumulative. So, the proper comparison is: while by the end of 2019-2020 MCPS had received forms from 35 students, by the end of 2021-2022 they had received forms from 382, an increase of 991% over two years, or nearly 11 times as many. For context, if the number of students reporting gender nonconformity were constant, succeeding years would see fewer forms submitted than the first year, instead of multiple times as many.

It’s not unusual for children, as part of the growing process, to wonder and question everything, including gender. But these leftists have turned it into a religion and are grooming, not educating.

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