Twitter removes senator’s tweets of doctors sharing life-saving expertise


Twitter is now deleting a senator’s tweets of doctors discussing their treatment of COVID patients.

Senator Johnson sarcastically criticized the so-called ‘doctors at google’ who think they know better than heroic doctors who have the courage to treat COV patients and save their lives.

Ron Johnson directed people to quickly watch Dr. Kory and it was removed before I could watch it. However, we have another clip worth watching.


While I didn’t see everything that was deleted, Dr. Kory is recorded in enough places. He claims Ivermectin is a 100% cure for COV. Dr. Kory has impressive credentials and said this drug is “miraculous.”

He is begging the NIH to please review their manuscript.


Sharyl Atkisson told Senator Johnson to join the club and told people to seek out the information of the deleted items to find out what they’re hiding.

This is so dangerous. We can’t emphasize that enough. We are well into Stalinism, aka cancel culture. Most Americans don’t support this, but many don’t know what’s going on. We are being lied to.

anything the powers-that-be disagree with could be erased.

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2 years ago

William Barr should have directed the FCC to clarify if they are publishers and can be sued as publishers, or they are in compliance with 230.

The Big Tech angle should have been worked the entire four years of Trump administration.

I predicted that Trump would be banned from Twitter when he left office. He will also be hit by every power play possible, including closure of businesses by city councils, closure of bank accounts, and every dirty trick the regulator agencies can come up with.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 years ago

The senate could have called in Barr and demanded he do something about big tech, and also called in big tech to insist that the 1st amendment be followed. But the senate was led by anti-American RINOs. Now it is too late.

Instead, Barr appeared on TV to do his fake outrage act about censorship, and did nothing. And, censorship assisted in the election coup, which Mitch is OK with. Now, Johnson complains, far too late.

The republican caucus, if it had any decency, would remove Mitch as its leader.