Kilmeade Attacks Rep Burchett for Not Voting for McCarthy


Brian Kilmeade was very nasty to Rep. Tim Burchett for choosing to vote to vacate Speaker McCarthy. I agree with reporter Simon Ateba – it’s a disgrace to journalism. I understand Kilmeade’s views and they’re reasonable, but many people disagree with him, and they make good points too. The country is being destroyed. Someone has to pull the plug sometime. McCarthy did a lot of things wrong, and he did lie.

This wasn’t an interview; it was a planned, condescending, arrogant attack. (video at the end)

Rushed Transcript

Kilmeade: You’re the ringleader of a circus led by Matt Gaetz, who likes to blow things up but not offer any new ideas. Are you happy following Gaetz? Is that your leader?

Burchett:  I’m not following Matt Gaetz. I made my own decision. I didn’t ask Matt…

Kilmeade: If Matt Gaetz didn’t challenge, you weren’t gonna challenge. If Matt Gaetz didn’t stand up, you weren’t gonna challenge you know that. You’re praying about it one minute. The next minute, you’re gonna lead an insurgency?

Burchett: So you don’t think that praying about it’s important. Is that what you’re saying?

Kilmeade: That’s what you’re saying with Matt Gaetz, and the next minute, you’re gonna lead an insurgency?

Burchett: Listen, you determine the answer to everything. I have an opinion about what’s going on. You have an opinion too, and you talk over me every time I try to make my point.

Kilmeade: Make your point.

Burchett: The point is that we are $33 trillion in debt. This speaker was woefully lacking in leadership skills. He always placed the blame somewhere else. America is going to be better off with new leadership …

Kilmeade: Who is it?

Burchett: It could be Steve Scalise. It could be Elise Stefanik, could be Roger Williams out of Texas, it could be Mark Green out of Tennessee.

Kilmeade: [They all] supported Kevin McCarthy, including the most conservative guy I know Jim Jordan.  Why are you smarter than Jim Jordan and the 210-plus Republicans? Why are you smarter?

Burchett: I represent my district, brother, and why are you smarter than me? You’re condemning me because I stand up on my own, and that’s what I’m doing. You…

Kilmeade: I’m questioning you. You don’t like me questioning you?

Burchett: No, you’re line of questioning is very negative and you know that. …when this is all over with when this is all over with and we have a new Speaker, and we’re running smooth, let’s have this conversation again.

Kilmeade: Were you happy with John Boehner?

Burchett: I wasn’t here with John Boehner?

Kilmeade: Paul Ryan?

Burchett: They’re both RINOs. They’re not in my camp anyway … I wasn’t here when they were here.

Kilmeade: So you went 15 yeses; for every round, you voted for Kevin McCarthy, but you think he’s the problem right now.

Burchett: I sure do, as part of it. It’s part of this whole problem. When you deny that there’s a problem … in this dysfunctional Washington …then you know there’s a problem…

Kilmeade: Who denies there’s a problem?

Burchett: You can’t take it past the fact we take in five trillion, we spend 7 trillion, and this leadership seems to be OK with.

Kilmeade: I’m fascinated by the way you blame Kevin McCarthy that you’re $33 trillion in debt, but you’re going to get a new leader. I’m sure he’s going to solve everything, he said sarcastically.

Burchett: Well, I’m surprised that you give him full credit for all the successes we’ve had because we had …

Kilmeade: I don’t think he should take all the blame …Why are we backing it up? We had nine months exactly;

Burchett: That’s a great point; why do we wait nine months to do something about the wall, something about the budget, something about, well, we never did anything about term limits, which he was doing.

Kilmeade: Well, he was doing an awful lot, but not enough for you, Tim Burchett. Congressman, thanks so much.

Love how Kilmeade ends it after it’s obvious he only had him on to attack him. I thought Brian Kilmeade was nice, but I guess he’s just corporate now. I don’t know what Kilmeade thought he was accomplishing except trying to make Rep. Burchett look bad.

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