Kilmeade Draw the Short Straw After Fox Boots Tucker


Brian Kilmeade drew the short straw and was the first replacement for Tucker Carlson after his firing yesterday. On Twitter, Kilmeade was viewed as a poor substitute for Tucker Carlson. I like Mr. Kilmeade, but never watch him. Tucker Carlson Tonight is now Fox News Tonight after Tucker was spitefully kicked to the curb.

Fox will rotate their personnel in and out of the slot Tucker held. Kilmeade gave a perfunctory announcement about Tucker’s departure, but said he’s his “great friend.”

Kilmeade’s intro showed Fox’s Murdochs to be less than welcoming to their audience.

“Welcome to Fox News Tonight. I am Brian Kilmeade. As you probably have heard, Fox News and Tucker Carlson have agreed to part ways [Tucker was told ten minutes before it went public]. I wish Tucker the best. I’m great friends with Tucker and always will be, but right now, it’s time for Fox News Tonight, so let’s get started. In September of last year, an FBI special agent, his name was Steve Friend, he filed a whistleblower complaint with the inspector general…”

The bottom line is Fox News’s Murdoch sons, the “lucky sperms”,  hate its audience and Donald Trump. Now that BlackRock has 15.1% of shares in Fox, do you think they will go ESG?

Replacing Tucker is like trying to replace Rush Limbaugh.

Kilmeade noted in this next clip that Donald Trump “has a rape trial next week.” He could have mentioned the mounds of evidence in Trump’s favor since this is a politically driven ‘rape trial’ by a bizarre woman who isn’t paying for her expenses. Allegedly, a LinkedIn co-founder and major Democrat donor, Reid Hoffman, funded accuser E. Jean Carroll. Kilmeade could have slipped that in.

Fox is radically changing, and we might not like what they become. Their daytime news is peppered with cloaked leftism. Shortly before Rush Limbaugh died, he said Fox News has nothing for us any longer. How prophetic.

Kilmeade wants Gov. Youngkin to comment on Gov. Ron DeSantis in the clip below. It sounds like shilling for click-happy execs.

Prophetic words on the FullSend podcast shortly before Tucker’s abrupt dismissal.

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